15 Toxic Habits You Need To Give Up To Win In Life

15 Toxic Habits You Need To Give Up To Win In Life

Toxic habits that we are all guilty of and definitely need to give up to win in life


Sometimes all it takes to spoil our mood is to ruminate about the ugly decisions of our life. There are moments galore when we feel like our life is completely meaningless. We wish we could be more zealous and our life would be more happening. We often compare our dull lives with the glamorous lives of our peers and lament about our miserable circumstances.

Ever wondered where your true happiness is sneaking away? Look deeper. Maybe you are vandalizing your own happiness with your toxic habits.

Happiness doesn’t come gift-wrapped in a box, it really needs to be created. For this, you have to take up action to limit your self-destructive habits and let your life breathe some fresh air.


Understanding Toxic Habits:

Toxic habits are those behaviours or fixed patterns of response to a varied range of stimulus present in both our internal and external environments, which are self-sabotaging in nature. Like any other habits, these often get so ingrained in our personality that it turns rigid and apparently unchangeable. One keeps swirling around in these toxic habits struggling to slip out of it.

Easily understandable that these behaviours will interfere with your productivity, leading you to feel incapacitated of reaching your optimal potential. These habits will truly gnaw on your spirits and make life a difficult place to be.

These habits are born out of our comfort zone and thrive on ignorance. This is what makes it more difficult to identify and get rid of these toxic habits. Once we start becoming self-inquisitive about the truth that is keeping us away from success, it will be easier for you to start making amends.


Here are 15 toxic habits that we should immediately do away with:

1. Procrastinating

If you never find yourself starting any urgent work soon enough, you might not only be losing focus but also delaying it unknowingly. According to Piers Steel, 95% of us procrastinate to some degree. It’s definitely relaxing to know that there are others like you, but it’s disheartening to know that it can hold you back from so much.

Procrastination essentially means diverting our conscious attention and focus to interesting, pleasant, favorable yet comparatively unimportant tasks to avoid, delay and abandon important and urgent tasks that demand your immediate attention and perseverance.

Over time, procrastination can demotivate you, make you lose focus and opportunities to showcase your potential. These, in turn, can lead to lowered life satisfaction, hopelessness, loss of job, extreme stress and even depression.


2. Turning up late

Every one of us has been late on rare occasions due to a number of factors.

But if you frequently find yourself being considerably late in most circumstances, sooner or later this will turn into a toxic pattern.

Often being late reflects your attitude about the work or task at hand. It portrays how lackadaisical, disorganized and unprofessional you are in dealing with other people and their time.

By being late all the time, you only send an extremely negative vibe about yourself which shows that self-centered enough to only consider your time to be important and devalue other people’s time.


3. Being jealous of other people

The only monster we should be scared of is the green-eyed monster in our head. Being jealous of other people’s fortunes only speaks so much about you.

Jealousy stems from low-esteem and a lack of feelings of satisfaction with oneself. If your feelings of jealousy are keeping you from constantly moving on with your life and being satiated by anything at all, you are stuck with a toxic habit.

Jealousy makes you lose the chance to improve yourself and only focus on the goodness in others and lament one’s conditions.


4. Negative Self-talks

Repeat this to yourself – Negative thoughts and words will only negatively impact your life.

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