The Only Thing You Need to Know to Get Over Anything


get over anything

Do you worry too much? Is anxiety keeping you stuck in life? Worries can often keep us from pursuing our heart’s desires and keep us trapped inside our irrational fears. Despite how hard you try to get out, a single ounce of doubt can pull you right back into the dark abyss. But there’s a way that will help you get over anything.

After a lifetime of ups and downs and shucking and jiving to bend myself to job changes, divorces, childhood issues, abusive relationships, financial worries, one gnarly eating disorder, and a whole mix of other crap, I am a survivor. For many years I wasn’t as strong as I am now, I tumbled from here to there, and did what I needed to survive for myself and my kids, but I wasn’t learning anything, wasn’t taking charge. I was merely reacting.

These last couple of years sank the putt for me. I was tired of feeling emotionally battered as if I’d just climbed into the ring only to be clobbered again and go flying out over the ropes. I wanted to triumph over so much that I had merely lived through.

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So I developed a philosophy, a mantra, a simple saying that has moved me over mountains.

“Do it now, and worry about it later.”

The Secret To Courage

“The day you stop worrying will be the first day of your new life; anxiety takes you in circles, trust in yourself and become free.” – Leon Brown

When you are unsure, afraid, held back by anything irrational in your life, this little sentence can give you the shot of courage you need to get through the moment. It’s been a silver bullet solution for me.

For years I craved meat, but my eating disorder dictated I shouldn’t indulge. I resisted for a long, damn time. Weight dropped off, I couldn’t climb a flight of stairs without panting, my iron level bottomed out. I wanted to get better, but nothing and no one I had talked to, reached me sufficiently enough to make a difference.

I decided after a few sessions with the psychologist at the eating disorder center that I would silence the inner me who I knew was full of BS when it came to the silly rules of eating I had made up. I wanted a burger. I wanted a steak. I wanted to enjoy a normal meal with my family at the dinner table and not feel like a freak, or that I had to defend the scant content on my plate.

“Our thoughts make us what we are.” – Dale Carnegie

I applied my saying and went on to overcome my eating disorder. When I shut my mind up and did it anyway, I was scared of taking that bite. Reintroducing meat to my body was a frightening, delectable, finger-licking ride. After I ate the burger, I reassured myself I would be fine, safe, and healthy. I was. And I was triumphant.

get over anything
Get over anything

Get Things Done. Period.

Taking the one step to do it, and then proving all would be okay, fueled me to get to the next goal.

I use this saying all the time now. It doesn’t matter the situation. Speaking my mind when I fear repercussions, moving to my loved one’s side when I need reassurance but dread rejection. Do it. If it doesn’t work out, then worry about it.

Apply for that job, you’ll figure out the next step when it becomes clear.

The next time you are tempted to hole up inside your house, or you are frozen with indecision, do what you know you should do, make the right choice worrying you. Think about what happens later. A lot of the time you won’t even have to, because what comes later is usually great.

Want to know more about how you can get over anything? Check this video out below!

Get over anything

Written by Hilary Lauren Jastram
Originally appeared in The Goodmen Project
The One Thing You Need To Get Past Worries and Start Living Your Life
The One Thing You Need To Get Past Worries and Start Living Your Life
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  1. Jenine Avatar

    What a powerful piece you wrote.
    I believed every word because your energy of strength and fortitude was just about bouncing off each written word! Thank you for sharing what you did to get through life’s lovely little lessons.
    I’ve been through divorce, loss of a home, and death all in one year. They say those three are the hardest things to deal with (stress-wise) and lucky me, I got ’em all at once! Well I also got ’em all at once AND all out of the way at once!
    The next year, the death of my father and the death of my husband from cancer. I decided to try one more time–opened my heart and found love. That husband also died from cancer. I ended up homeless because of it for almost two years.

    I’ve been through so much that my motto is now “Nothing is tougher than me. I get up stronger and wiser every time i get knocked down. I also get back up with the type of confidence that only comes after you’ve proved to YOURSELF that you can stand up to just about anything. And if, God forbid, I don’t get through yet another challenge, at least I know I died trying! (Not meant to sound morbid..but oh well, I guess it is!) hahaha!
    Peace and love to all!

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