27 Lessons I Learned In 27 Years To Staying In The Present Moment

Lessons I Learned In Years Stay Present Moment

Self-discovery, and staying in the present moment are sometimes easier said than done. But these 27 lessons can help you a lot in getting there.

To celebrate the amazing gift of being (still) alive after all that I’ve been going through, I want to share 27 lessons that I have learned over the last 27 years of my human existence. So grab your favorite notebook, hot drink or snack of your choice and see what the following words can teach you (hint: there is always a message between the lines – for everyone – including you)!


27 years. 27 lessons.

1. This is something that I’ve not only “learned”, but that I truly believe in: Not everything can be cured, but we all have the innate power to heal ourselves and consciously change our (own GOOD) lives. I have done this, I have seen it happening in everyday life.

That’s why I know that there is hope for everyone. There is no mystery to self-healing, it is consciousness, courage, commitment, and consistency that move us from years of misery to the beauty of inner peace.

2. Healing starts with one conscious choice. It starts with making a courageous commitment for yourself – to yourself. It takes a hell lot of courage, commitment, and consistency and it will not happen overnight. But it works, if you put in the work. You own it to yourself – and yourself only. Commit to it and stick to it, because the work truly will be worth it!

3. The past repeats itself until it completes itself. The better you understand yourself, the better you respond to change. No-one can ever change you (even if I wish this wasn’t true). You have to do this work by yourself – for yourself because you are your own best self-healer.

Counseling, therapy, and healings do not move you closer to yourself if you are looking outside yourself for answers. You are the creator uncovering your own creative power! You are the healer. You are your own holistic therapist, your own holistic counselor.

BUT it’s of utmost importance to ask for – and accept – help along the journey. You need to become vulnerable and connect with someone who has done this work themselves to receive support throughout the progress. Asking for help is not just “ok”, but a beautiful sign of strength.

4. Self-care is not (always) glamorous! (Although the photos of bubbles filled baths and delicates foamed rainbow lattes try to tell us a different story..) It takes commitment, strength, and brutal honesty! Sometimes, coming back to the basics is really important. And it’s so often forgotten as we are always on the hunt for the “best” and “most advanced” self-care tool out there.

We read we watch, we consume.. and we overlook simplicity when simple is often the most meaningful and transformative. “Self-care” sounds lovely, but it can feel hard to access when we don’t specifically know what it looks like for us. Self-care is showing up for yourself to do the REAL HARD work of healing over and over again. It’s trying to change the harmful self-critical narratives in your head and tell yourself a different story.

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5. Your ego is nothing to “get rid off”. The ego arises out of the state of identification with thought. The moment of freedom arises when we realize that we are not our thoughts—rather, we are the awareness of watching the thought. To the ego self-acceptance is death.

Do the Ego work. It will be challenging. Your Ego will hate it, resist it, make you feel miserable at times, but it will eventually set you free. Befriend it. Be kind. Don’t try to fight something that’ll be part for you for a lifetime. Believe me, the work is worth it. Every bad day for the Ego is a good day for the soul!

6. In order to be who you are, you have to let go of who you think you are. When you practice present moment awareness for long enough, you will discover that you don’t “have” a soul. You ARE a soul. And you have a body. One is manifested in form, the other is pure awareness or consciousness. Your body is your soul’s chance to be here. But you better treat both with love and care. (I’m talking holistic wellness here!)

7. Books are great for learning, but they’re terrible for action, accountability, and transformation. Books won’t teach you how to become conscious. You can only teach yourself through practice. (Self)awareness is like a muscle. It builds with consistent repetition.

We, as a society, are in the midst of an evolutionary crisis. We think, obsess, ruminate, problem-solve, talk, read, and consume information in an effort to find answers and relieve pain. We chase for insights and knowledge but forget to practice the most important lesson: to act, to do the work, to look insight, and practice what we preach.

You don’t need to know everything to know yourself. Your challenges are not meant to defeat you. They are meant to REVEAL you. From you. To yourself. If you face them with confidence, they will only make you stronger!

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Nila Conzen, MSc

Nila is a holistic Psychologist, Yoga teacher, and certified (plant-based) nutritionist from Germany. Her unique approach blends the latest science in psychology, nutrition, and eastern mindfulness practices to promote holistic wellbeing. Nila is passionate about encouraging people look within to cultivate a more compassionate, healing and nourishing connection to themselves and ultimately find the truth of who they are - perfectly whole in all their imperfection.View Author posts