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10 Things People Who Are Tough Outside But Soft Inside Never Told You

Things Tough on Outside Soft Inside Never Told You

People who are strong on the outside and have a tough exterior are often thought to be heartless. But delve a little deep and you will notice that these very people are tough on the outside but soft inside and have a warmer core that helps them derive their confidence and strength.

These people are confident and often mistaken to be arrogant.  The truth is, such people have a heart of gold and are friends for keeps!

Here are the top 10 things that people who are tough on the outside but soft inside never told you:

1) You can enter his or her life easier but can also exit it unceremoniously in a short period of time:

You may enter the life of a strong person easily, but remember, no matter how hard it is to break into the inner world; it is equally easy to come out of it without much ado.

Such people may never let anyone closer again as it may not be worth the risk.

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2) Falling in love truly may be tough, but when someone tough does indeed, it’s hard for them to let go:

Tough people find it extremely hard to find their mate. In fact, when they do, they actually fall head over heels in love. This love is often very hard to let go of.

3) Tough people find solace in laughter to get over pain:

Whenever the tough on the outside individual feels discomfort or even pain, the best defense mechanism is to break into a smile.

Smiling away the blues is a principle all tough-on-the-outside people thrive on. Come what may, they are smiling away to the T!

4) Tough on the outside people are fiercely independent but crave for mental support:

Often people who are tough on the outside secretly crave for a shoulder to cry on. No matter what their needs, most tough people do not seek help.

But their inner strength often gets carried through when a soul mate offers a shoulder to cry on!

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5) Consider wisecracks as the meaningless joke of one’s life:

People who are tough on the outside but soft on the core often mask their vulnerability by cracking inimitable wisecracks and jokes.

This help creates a formidable fence around oneself.

They not only feel an excessive need to turn everything into something humorous. Pain, they say is the driving force of laughter.

6) There is often an “I am not meant for love” philosophy that masks a genuine need for love:

Most tough people find love to be very churlish.

However, in the glum corners of the home at night, most crave for genuine love and affection that lasts for a long time.

The philosophy of the heart dying for some genuine love is time tested and tough people are not immune to it.

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7) The anxiety runs deep despite the calm exterior:

Most cool-headed people are actually anxiety-ridden on the inside and mask it really well.

Those who discuss their failings are often better off than those who do not talk about it.

Their struggles are deeper and far more monumental.

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8) Despite the tough, hard words can make a cut:

The tough person often makes the world believe that he or she is not moved by the tough words.

But the truth is that mere hard words can cut him or her deep and no matter how strong the person, they often crave for supportive words.

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9) No matter how strong, a tough person is harder on oneself:

A tough person is very hard on herself or himself and no matter how gentle and soothing her environment, he or she never loses the toughness to gentler moments.

10) Most tough people have a strong faith in “we don’t cry”, but when alone, they do well up with tears:

Strong people perhaps don’t cry that easily, but when the entire world sleeps, they try and cry their heart out and wipe their tears away.

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People Who Are Tough Outside But Soft Inside
Things Tough on Outside Soft Inside Never Told You pin
10 Things People Who Are Tough Outside But Soft Inside Never Told You

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