10 Ways People With A Hard Shell (but Soft Center) Love Differently

People With A Hard Shell (but Soft Center)

People With A Hard Shell (but Soft Center) Love Differently

Have you dated someone who is hard on the outside but soft on the inside?

People, who are hard on the exterior but soft on the inside, often are some of the best lovers. They are not afraid to offer you love and affection with a lot of space and freedom. This simple action draws love and creates an attachment that is hard to break. The farther you are the better and stronger the love! Here are some of the best ways in which a person with a hard outside but  soft inside loves:

1 – Sarcasm rules but is often very deceptive:

Hard people are extremely witty on the outside. Most tough people love being silly and show a lot of gritty wit too. They are able to mask their true feelings by saying something really sarcastic. If you are in love with a tough person, you will be able to differentiate between the two and get up close and personal real fast.

2 – Tough people do not cry: In love, all of us face troubles.

There are moments we all feel hurt or are lonely. Tough people do not cry that often. This however, does not mean they are less sensitive or compassionate, but it is more about feeling things deeply than outwardly more expressive people.

3 – Tough people internalize compliments and blush more on the inside:

Most tough people exude a certain coolness quotient that implies that they are not interested in anyone else. But this is not true. A lot of them may just about throw a passing gaze at your compliments, but they are in reality holding on to every word that you are saying and are internalizing it a lot more.

4 – The show of affection is greater than about speaking it:

Most tough people have a definite way of loving. They are not too comfortable with speaking about love but are more of an active individual that shows it instead. Most strong people show their depth of feeling while you are in a one-to-one moment.

5 – Thoughtful gestures are a name of the game:

Speaking about love, texting messages or even verbalizing it may be the most common thing today, but tough people believe its more about gestures and symbolism that matters in love. Sweet surprises and a short and lovable breakfast in bed may be the all that you need to be happy!

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6 – Teasing and goofing around is common:

Most strong individuals feel the idea of flirting gains priority in a relationship. They are able to tease and goof around pretty easily and feel there is an immense need to keep it light and easy in a relationship.

7 – Playing it cool in social gatherings:

Most tough people play it cool in social dos. They will accompany their partner to the event but keep public displays of affection far from their reach. The moment they are away from public scrutiny they will shower their love and affection on you.

8 – The centerpiece crackling chemistry is more exciting:

The funny back and forth banter is often the centerpiece event in a relationship with a strong person.

9 – Tough people know how to pick battles:

The strong partner in a relationship will always let go of the unimportant things and not let it build up at all. In case they do build up an issue, then they are really getting hurt by it.

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10 – Loyalty is crucial:

A strong person shows incredible loyalty to someone. This is the hallmark of a good lover. Loyalty in fact is the central idea that can define a relationship between a tough person and a soft one.

People With A Hard Shell (but Soft Center) pin
People With A Hard Shell (but Soft Center) Love Differently
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