This Is Why You Attract People Who Are Not Good For You

This Is Why You Attract People Who Are Not Good For You (But You Don’t Need To Blame Yourself)

Throughout your life you will attract a lot of people, even the ones who are not good for you.

Forever is a lie. People will drift in and out of your life.

Everything is transient and for that very reason people who you adored during your childhood might not be there in your adult years. And the very few who would be, doesn’t define compatibility with you. It might just be circumstances and familiarity which has forced your lives together.

Old friends are probably some of the most important connections you will make and are the most noteworthy in your personal history. It’s just that sometimes the most profound and significant relationships you have may be short lived. Sometimes people will drift into your life and it’s like the universe has aligned to facilitate your union.

These are the people who make the most significant impact in your life. They could be from almost any part of the universe- you could meet them through your professional journey, through your personal intense romantic involvement or through travelling.

These are the people who have made a mark in your life; a mark you maybe struggling to erase. But you learn to accept that everyone you come across in life is not meant to stay forever.

We are programmed to believe that there is only one special person who can complete us. One person who we are supposed to encounter and spend the rest of our lives with. For most people, attracting this person becomes the undeniable reality and whether it is a choice or a daily compromise, a commitment is made to form a union with this person to see it through to the end of the time.

However,true and ever-lasting love is indeed not so easily attainable. The reality is that it is beneficial to have may romantic encounters throughout our lives, particularly in our formative years, to gain an understanding of our own choice of partners and also getting to mature through these experiences.

Loving relationships, whether romantic or platonic, give us insights about ourselves. They give us the tools to connect with another individual at an emotional, physical, and intellectual level. They teach us to compromise and cooperate by negotiating our own needs with the needs of another.

You may feel like you are attracting all the wrong people. But in fact you are attracting the right people that you need at that moment in time. Some times you have to lose people to discover what you are truly seeking for.

With time we start focusing on our own interests instead of what others want of us.

The famous Shakespearean quote from the tale of Hamlet is the key to attracting the right people in your life, and it gets easier the older we get.

Being transparent to ourselves is not as easy as it sounds and it is something that needs to be practiced over time.

When we are young, we mostly function on close people’s instructions like out parents, teachers and guides. The older we get, the more independence is demanded of us. We get curious; we explore our surroundings to learn. We acquire the ability to perceive things from our unique point of view.

We use our experiences and our resourcefulness to guide us and, while taking others’ advice and influence on board, we think critically and develop the ability to make rational decisions.

This means that gradually we stop indulging in pleasing others and start bending social conventions to our advantage. This doesn’t imply that we are selfish or self absorbed.

It instead alludes to becoming a self reliant and independent, free-thinking individual. Someone who can make their own decisions and prioritize their own satisfaction and contentment.

The more clarity you share with yourself, the less confused you are about your choices, the more inevitable it becomes for you to attract the right people in life.

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This Is Why You Attract People Who Are Not Good For You (But You Don’t Need To Blame Yourself)

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