To The Girl Who Tried A Little Too Hard For The Wrong Relationships

Girl Tried Hard For Wrong Relationships

To the girl who tried a little too hard for the wrong relationships, you are a gem. You might have done a lot for the wrong people and the wrong relationships, but it’s not that you didn’t deserve them, the truth is they didn’t deserve you. The wrong relationships are not a reflection of who you are, it’s a reflection of who they are.

I want to tell you it’s admirable how much you try for people you care about. I admire how much you invest in people and what you’re willing to give. I think it’s a really redeeming quality how you jump into things both feet first with all of your heart.

You see the best in everyone.

The people others look past. The ones who are jaded and complicated. The ones you think you can fix. But it’s the people you think you can change who are the ones that hurt you the most. It’s those people who are going to take everything you give until you have nothing left to and then they walk away with it and you’re the one that feels broken.

I want to say being the way you are you’re going to only see good relationships. But you’re going to see a lot more bad ones before you see good ones.

You’re going to see people who mess with your head and you’re going to analyze it thinking it’s something you are doing wrong. They are going to be the people who answer texts three days later. The ones who appear to care like it’s something they can switch on and off. It’s going to be the people who blow up your newsfeed then ignore you.

The ones who drop in and out of your life like they have a right to.

You’re going to see a lot of people who tell you what you want to hear because they have motives that are unkind. And they’re only thinking of one thing. You’re going to have a lot of physical relationships with people but what’s going to lack is the emotional connection that just isn’t there. And that’s not something you can force.

And you’re going to keep trying and you’re going to keep caring because that’s who you are. You don’t do casual or emotionless because that’s not who you are. Even the wrong people are going to get the best of you.

Then when it comes to committing a lot of them won’t. You’re going to analyze yourself and pick apart your flaws thinking you are to blame for someone’s inability to be what you need, while you try really hard to play the role of what someone wants.

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There are going to be moments where you lose yourself pretending to be what they want you to be instead of being who you are.

I wish they didn’t make you feel like it’s a bad thing to care the way you do. But unfortunately, it’s a generation that doesn’t hold true to your same values.

I’m going to ask you to not change that. Even when you come across people who look at you and think you’re crazy for some of the standards and some of the things you believe in, they are going to try and make you feel wrong when in reality it’s them.

They are going to try and force you to settle. And there are going to be moments where you do settle for less than you deserve. There are going to be a few toxic relationships where people aren’t nice. And I know it’s going to hurt a lot.

To The Girl Who Tried A Little Too Hard For The Wrong Relationships
To The Girl Who Tried A Little Too Hard For The Wrong Relationships

You’re going to do backflips for some people trying to be enough. You’re going to fall in love with people who don’t deserve that affection and effort. And a lot of them won’t reciprocate all you have to give because it’s different. You’re different.

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