Feeling Alone In The Season of Togetherness? 5 Tips To Cope With Loneliness On Holidays


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Feeling Loneliness On Holidays? Tips To Brighten Your Days

Winter celebrations like Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa are all about having fun with friends and family. But sometimes, even with all the happiness around, you might get the feeling of loneliness on holidays.

If you’re dealing with bouts of loneliness, it’s important to know that you’re not the only one, and there are ways to deal with it. Dealing with long-lasting loneliness might need some special help. But there are also simple things you can do when you’re feeling lonely during the holidays.

This guide is here to help you understand and handle holiday loneliness. We’ll give you easy tips to feel better and enjoy the festive season more. Let’s beat those holiday blues together with simple steps and support. Happy holidays!

To be lonely during holidays, a quiet plea!

When someone suffers from loneliness during holidays, it means that they may feel sad or abandoned when they see other people spending time with their loved ones. 

A person can get the feeling of loneliness on holidays mostly due to lack of an adequate number of the social connections needed or desired by that individual.

loneliness on holidays

It may occur if one’s relationships do not meet his/her genuine requirements or expectations. Sometimes, it’s not about how many people there are around; it’s about the kind of connections. 

Loneliness is an inner feeling, and it does not necessarily mean being alone in place. Even in a crowd, you might still feel lonely. Loneliness during holidays is an awful feeling because it is often discomforting and stressful for people. Although it could motivate someone to change and develop further, the experience itself is unpleasant.

It’s supposed to be a happy season but if there are no people around or you can’t be with your loved ones this can make you feel even more alone than before. Occasionally, this lonely during holidays seems stronger when we look at photos or get reports on others’ occasions.

If you’re feeling lonely during the holidays, don’t worry about it; it is normal to feel this way sometimes. Let’s explore loneliness causes in order to gain better understanding of your feelings during holidays. 

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Causes Of Loneliness During Holidays

For people who haven’t felt lonely during the holidays, thinking about being sad during this supposed happy time might sound strange.

loneliness on holidays

But, in truth, many people do feel this way, and there are a few reasons for loneliness on holidays:

1. Not everyone feels loved and supported.

According to psychologists, those who are without family or lack a good support system may find the holidays difficult. Those who have lost their loved ones or do not get along with their families fall under this category. Not having people to spend time with during the holiday season like others do can make you feel left out.

2. Lots of things can make you feel down.

The rage of the holidays is such that what makes someone happy might make someone else sad. The season, for example, has things that can remind you of previous experiences, like familiar songs, yummy smells or even seeing an empty seat. 

Especially when emotions are strong during the holiday season, your thoughts and feelings can be like switches turning sad feelings on and they can be tough as well as good ones.

3. What you expect might not happen.

The holidays are depicted in various ads, decorations and social media posts as perfect and happy. However, some people find them even lonelier. You feel bad about yourself when you compare to others or picture perfect holiday scenes.

When you are trying to have all things perfect during the festive season, it might lead to stress and self-criticism, particularly when you see other people on a holiday movie or on social media who appear very happy.

Sometimes, what happens in your own life differs from what you see on TV or in social media. It is important to know that this is okay. Finding ways of connecting with other people and caring for yourself can make the feeling of loneliness on holidays a little easier.

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Treating Holiday Loneliness

Being lonely during the holidays is something that many people experience; however, there are ways to get through and make the time more enjoyable. Here are some effective strategies for treating holiday loneliness:

1. Take care of yourself

Treating oneself properly can however alleviate the feeling of loneliness although it doesn’t go away completely. Such activities as taking a bath, giving yourself some spa treatment, reading a book, engaging in one’s hobby or learning something new are all forms of self-care which should be practiced.

Doing things that boost your self-esteem or just bring you joy can take your mind off feeling loneliness on holidays and lift your spirits.

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2. Know That You’re Not Alone

Do not feel like you are the only person who is lonely because this is not true. Holidays are often dreaded by many people due to the loneliness associated with them. 

loneliness during holidays

Some wish they could be with family but can’t while others miss relationships they never had and others still yearn for a deeper bond with friends. It’s alright to get the feeling of loneliness on holidays though conversely talking to other who feel the same can make you feel less alone.

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3. Change Your Expectations

One might feel lonely during holidays when you think about how much society expects from it at this one particular moment in time. For instance, when everyone is going to parties, exchanging gifts, and enjoying festive feelings with loved ones; having no significant other or no close family may be more noticeable.

To deal with loneliness on holidays, try changing your expectations. Instead of expecting a “perfect date,” you may consider taking along a good friend to a holiday party. 

It’s worth keeping in mind also that loving imperfectly within the family is okay. Consequently, comparing oneself to movie standards or what others put on social media can be stressful thus such individuals should focus on what makes them happy in their lives instead.

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4. Connect With Others

Sometimes being around people can make you feel lonelier but reaching out by saying hi to neighbors, talking to colleagues, writing holiday cards or contacting an old friend can make one feel less loneliness during holidays. Facebook is currently a great way to seek out old friends and catching up on a lot of things.

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5. Practice Gratitude

Gratitude has several benefits. If it feels like you aren’t being loved enough, think about the love you do have which may be from your friends, family, neighbors or even pets. Still think about things you enjoy doing such as your job or hobbies.

When feeling low keeping gratitude list is very essential since it focuses on what one has and it helps to reduce the feeling of loneliness on holidays.

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6. Give to Others

During the holidays, volunteering for something that matters in your life can influence how lonely you get.

loneliness on holidays

It is because of such acts that someone will realize how much they are loved and appreciated, meet other like-minded people and feel proud for helping those who are less fortunate than them. This will be bigger than you and capture the truth about this season.

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7. Examine Your Feelings

If it feels like loneliness on holidays never leaves you alone then there might be some changes required. Find out why it is happening with or without the help of a therapist. Think if spending more time with friends would strengthen your relationship with each other. 

Some people fear close relationships hence working on them can help foster friendship and build a support network that will always be there for you. Among others, finding time for friends, listening actively and being with them, forms stronger bonds.

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Holidays And Lonelines

It’s absolutely fine if you get the feeling of loneliness on holidays; you’re not the only one in this boat. It doesn’t mean that you are doing something wrong. It happens to the best of us. 

Missing someone special, longing for closer friends, and feeling the pressure of a perfect life as seen on screens on social media are some of the reasons why people may feel holidays and lonelines are the same thing. 

You can connect with others including little gestures like saying hello to your neighbor or texting an old friend. Take time to appreciate love, all good things in your life before considering talking about it with a friend or therapist if you still feel lonely.

Remember, holidays are always fun regardless of how perfect they can be. So here’s to making your holidays a bit brighter! Happy holidays!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why do people feel lonely during the holidays?

Feeling lonely during the holidays can stem from various reasons, such as missing loved ones, desiring closer friendships, or succumbing to societal pressures for a perfect holiday as seen on screens and social media.

2. Is it normal to feel lonely during Christmas?

Absolutely. Feeling a bit lonely during holidays is entirely normal. It doesn’t indicate any wrongdoing on your part. Many people experience this, and there are strategies to overcome it.

3. How can I treat holiday loneliness?

Treating holiday loneliness involves self-care practices like taking a bath, engaging in hobbies, or learning something new. Additionally, connecting with others, adjusting expectations, practicing gratitude, giving to others, and examining your feelings are effective strategies.

4. What if I still feel lonely after trying these strategies?

If loneliness persists, consider talking about it with a friend or therapist. Exploring the root causes and working on building stronger relationships can make a significant difference.

5. Are holidays supposed to be perfect?

No, holidays don’t have to be perfect. Society’s expectations for a flawless holiday season can contribute to feelings of loneliness. Changing your expectations and focusing on what makes you happy can make the holidays more enjoyable.

loneliness during holidays

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