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63 Most Commonly Used Phrases By Narcissistic Mothers

63 Most Commonly Used Phrases By Narcissistic Mothers

63 Things Narcissistic Mothers Say
Do narcissistic parents have a handbook? You might think so when you hear what I’m going to share with you today. After a poll of the SPANily Support Group for Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents, I’ve compiled a list of the most commonly used phrases by narcissistic mothers.

Things narcissistic mothers say when you’ve made a choice they don’t agree with

1. You only did that to hurt me!
2. You’re so ungrateful.
3. You never stop to think.
4. You are SO selfish!
5. This is never going to work.

Things narcissistic mothers say when you’re upset or crying about something and they are annoyed by your emotions, which they feel are not real or relevant.

1. Get over it.
2. You’re so dramatic.
3. I’ll give you something to cry about.
4. I told you so.
5. Why do things always affect you more than other people?
6. These are the choices that you have made.

Things narcissistic mothers say when you attempt to confront them about anything

1. What is wrong with you? You’re making too much out of nothing.
2. I never did that, you are just sensitive, I don’t remember it that way.
3. I don’t care.

Things narcissistic mothers say when you have proved them wrong or have a different opinion than they do

1. You think you’re SO smart!
2. I have no idea what you’re talking about.
3. Who told you that? You’re so gullible; you can’t believe everything people say.

Things narcissistic mothers say
Common Things narcissistic mothers say

Things narcissistic mothers say when you question their authority

1. Don’t you dare look at me like that?
2. Get that look off your face before I slap it off.
3. Who do you think you are?
4. How DARE you question me?

63 Most Commonly Used Phrases By Narcissistic Mothers

Things narcissistic mothers say when they’re guilt-tripping you

1. I will die without you.
2. You’re breaking my heart.
3. You are the reason your father and I divorced.
4. You only care about yourself.
5. I’ve given up my whole life for you!
6. You owe me this (because I gave you life)
7. I’m the only one who will ever really love you.
8. You’re ungrateful.

a narcissist will blame you
narcissistic parents blame you

Things narcissistic mothers say when they are tearing you down and devaluing you

1. You were a mistake. Everything in my life is your fault because you were born.
2. You’re just like (insert awful individual here)!
3. You’re never going to amount to anything. I don’t know whose child you are.
4. I’m so ashamed of you. You should be ashamed of yourself.
5. No one will ever love you. No one will ever want you.
6. You are worthless.
7. You’re immature.
8. You don’t deserve to be happy.
9. Just wait till your father gets home!
10. It’s a shame you don’t have any friends. People would like you more if you weren’t so ______.
11. Everyone else agrees that you’re horrible/lazy/stupid/otherwise unsavory.

Things narcissistic mothers say when they are jealous of you

1. You’re such a Polly Anna, always with your rose-colored glasses on!
2. You think you’re so pretty/smart/good
3. You’re a (insert rude term here) and you are only trying to get attention!
4. Guys only like you because you’re a (insert rude term here), or girls only like you for your money.
5. People always used to tell me I was pretty.
6. You’re ugly on the inside.

Things narcissistic mothers say when they are issuing the back-handed compliments

1. You’re so smart but you have zero common sense.
2. You would be so pretty if you just lost a few pounds
3. Your house is so clean! No wonder your two-year-old can’t read yet.
4. That dress is so pretty! It would look great on your sister.
5. I’m so proud of your accomplishment – obviously, you get it from me.

Things narcissistic mothers say when they are having delusions of grandeur

1. I am not capable of lying! How dare you accuse me of that?
2. Everyone wishes they could have a mother like me.
3. Calm down! You’re being irrational!
4. I’ll never understand how I gave birth to a horrible child like you.
5. I can’t believe you’re no good at ______. You should be successful at _______ because you’re MY child!

things narcissistic mothers say when they are having delusions of grandeur
63 Most Commonly Used Phrases By Narcissistic Mothers

Check out the below video to know things narcissistic mothers say for mental manipulation and control

Did you enjoy reading about phrases narcissistic mothers use in different situations? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Angie Atkinson
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Things narcissistic mothers say
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  1. Avatar of Lindsay

    Kids should not be questioning a parent’s authority. YOU are the adult, THEY are the kids. They live under your roof, they are to do as they are told and not disrespect by talking back, yelling, crying, throwing tantrums, or using curse words or physical violence. You hear about kids now in days being rude and disrespectful towards their elders and other authority figures because parent’s like you let them step all over you. You hear about kids calling their parents “stupid”, or telling them to “shut up”, or worse! They throw tantrums for not getting what they want, you give in, and boom! Congratulations, you created a future Karen. You hear about kids, hitting, punching, slapping, even go as far as killing their own parents because they took their electronics away as punishment for not doing what they’re supposed to do like chores or school work?!? That is outrageous! There has to be boundaries in every relationship, including the parent-child relationship, and above all, respect your authority as the parent. Enforcing the rules of the home does not make you narcissistic, enforcing the consequences for their actions is not narcissistic. It’s called parenting; some of you may want to try it.

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