There Is One Person You Will Never Get Over

There Is One Person You Will Never Get Over

There Is One Person You Will Never Get Over

I didn’t take a name but a very prominent face flashed in front of your eyes. Like as if you waited all along for someone to mention them ever so slightly.

And it’s okay

As a teen, I read a hundred blogs about soul mates. Every blog, every book that I read told me that your soul mate is a person you have a deep affinity with. When you find them, you’ll know. But one thing nobody ever told me was that you can indeed find your soul-mate in your lifetime but that doesn’t give you the surety that they’ll stay.

Sometimes, they leave. Either it is the wrong timing you can put the blame on or sometimes they just are ready to take chances with someone new rather than giving it another chance with you.


Some people don’t realize the power they hold in your life even after they’ve long taken their leave.

Some people are just like mud that is settled at the brim of a glass full of water. You stir the water hard at the start of the day and go about just perfectly with your daily activities. It’s only after the water stops swirling and the sand settles again. That’s exactly how some people are. You think you’ve lost them amidst your busy lifestyle until you hit the bed and realize that everything you ran away from, never really left.


All it takes is one song, one fragrance; one joke to bring back all that you had thought you had forgotten.

I don’t know if anyone ever felt this way or not but every time you see a particular date in the calendar it takes you back in time and you relive that moment all in your head. Your surroundings change and it’s haunting. It’s like a war between the past and the present. Just that you know that no matter how desperately you want the past to come back, it’s the present that you really need.   You never thought you’d get this attached. Did you?


There are indeed some wounds that don’t heal until you forget about their existence.

We are so in love with the memory of who they were at one point in time that it only hurts to see what they have become.


The scars are too deep-rooted. They will take a lot of time to heal. That’s the thing about being broken.

It shows that you did really try for something with all your heart and soul. People do fall out of love, you just didn’t. You are no longer allowed to express your love for them openly because you’re going to be judged for loving them even after what they did to you. And most importantly, you’ll be angry on your for being so weak only and only for them. This isn’t the feeling you like, but you know that not speaking about it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt.


It’s quite a thing…. to fall apart.

It tough to come to terms with it but they’ve moved on. It didn’t matter to them as much as it mattered to you. or maybe it did matter to them. Just not enough. Either way, you need to take your leave.


If you won’t heal your heart nobody will.

Remind yourself that it was easy for them to let go of you. And maybe it’s time for you to let go of them as well. You can survive without anyone who can survive without you.


But I really want you to know that things get better. At this point, it might look completely impossible to forget them. But this isn’t going to be the case always. “Nothing lasts forever” is both, a happy and a sad statement. Your pain will wash away. You will forget about their crooked nose and about their favorite colour. Someday, the alarm in your head that reminded you of them each morning will go off and you won’t even realize.

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