16 Signs You Notice When You Finally Meet ‘The One’


when you meet the one

Has this modern world taken the magic of love? Or do you know how it feels when you meet the one person for you? Learn the signs of a genuine connection below!

Welcome to the century of swiping right.

When the virtual world has taken over the dating game, it has become quite difficult to fathom if we have found ‘the one’ or not. Gone are the days when you could feel butterflies in your stomach at the mere presence of the person you desired. Convenience has taken over our lives and the essence of being physically present with each other has faded.

Who doesn’t want to be in love? But to know if we have found the person we have been waiting for our entire life out of the 7.7 billion people in this world is, well, a tricky job. Often times we feel that we have finally met the right person but ultimately we fall out and things don’t really work out.

You see him and you feel your palpitating heart in your mouth. Your hand accidentally brushes against hers and you keep thinking about it in a loop.

We all know how it feels to be in love.  But do we realize whether this person we are madly in love with is the right person for us or not?

Is it the trick of the raging hormones or is it a genuine connection?

16 Things You Notice When You Meet The One For You

when you meet the one you will feel these things
These are some of the sings you’ve met the one

1. You’ll no longer be afraid to talk about your personal struggles.

Our personal struggles are an intimate part of us. We are very protective of it and often feel vulnerable to share them with anyone. What used to seem difficult and embarrassing to share, will become easy and natural when you’re with the right person.

You will have a feeling that you can be your true self before them for they will not condemn you for anything you have experienced in the past. Not only do they understand your struggles but they also respect the person you have emerged out to be.

2. The silence between you two will not feel awkward.

You don’t need to talk all the time to enjoy each other’s company. Certain actions in silence can speak volumes. With the right person, the silence in between chats will never feel awkward. Their mere presence makes you feel comfortable and soothes you.

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3. You no longer have to guess what your partner feels.

When you finally meet the one, you will forget about obsessing over what your partner exactly feels for you. The right person, who really cares for you, will have to make no efforts to make you feel wanted and loved. Their everyday behavior towards you will reflect that you are genuinely valued. You will never have to doubt their feelings for you.

4. You can express your disagreement without disrespecting each other.

The thought process of two individuals may vary. You might often disagree about things but this will rarely end in arguments and conflict if the person is mature enough to exchange ideas rather than argue. You will respect each other’s point of view and lend an empathetic ear to the perspectives of each other.

5. You desire each other even when there’s no obvious reason for it.

Your sudden urge to hold the other person in an embrace will no longer depend on how good your partner smells. The superfluous attraction will give way to loving the inside of the person and loving every bit of them, their flaws and virtues both. A mere look into the eyes of the person will light up even the darkest of your days.

6. You won’t be afraid to reveal your weird habits to them.

You not only admit your strange habits to each other and accept them without botheration but even begin to partake in them yourself. You will no longer find their mannerism and behaviors odd. Rather you will find them adorable.

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7. You’ll feel free to introduce them to your friends.

When you are with the right person, what you feel for each other becomes your priority and you do not feel apprehensive about introducing them to your friends. Other people’s opinion about them does not influence you. You are delighted to be with them and that is all that matters.

8. You’ll recognize their friends as your own.

The best people always attract the best company. You don’t have to force a smile or struggle through a social gathering with your partner’s friends. Instead, you genuinely enjoy spending time in their presence. You feel you are at one with your partner and their friends become your close mates too.

9. You’ll have fun together even if you’re not doing anything special.

You can Netflix and chill together or can spend the whole day lazing around at home and just do nothing at all yet feel exhilarated. You don’t necessarily need to be doing something exciting or unusual to have fun together. The mere fact that you are in the other person’s presence soothes you.

10. Physical contact feels entirely natural.

Whether it’s accidental or deliberate physical contact, you’re at ease with each other. You can put your head on their shoulder, lock fingers with them and draw them into a hug without hesitation. There are no more awkward moments of displeasure. These simple gestures from the right person bring you a sense of joy instead of making you feel uneasy.

11. You always find a way to make things hilarious.

Constant battles of leg-pulling each other yet neither of you take it personally. Instead, you both have a hearty laugh about it which ends in cuddles. Whether you’re watching a funny TV show or just lounging around in sweatpants, there’s no situation that you can’t find a joke in. They will even laugh at your lamest jokes!

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12. You can be your true self before them.

Something comes to your mind; you blurt it out without reluctance. You don’t have to modify your thoughts before expressing them to your partner in the apprehension of being criticized. If that’s how carefree your partner makes you feel, voila! He/she is the one. Treasure them for your lifetime and never let them go.

13. The conversation between you flows naturally.

Once you start, you can go on for hours together. Absolutely everything under the sun can be discussed with this person; no shame, no holding back. You never run out of topics to converse with them.

14. You can make fun of each other without offending each other.

You don’t feel like you’re taking a risk if you make fun of your partner. You understand each other’s sense of humor and know how to tease them without crossing boundaries. They even do not get offended with your leg pulls.

15. You won’t have to wait for the correct moment to connect to them.

You’re not afraid to contact them whenever you feel like. You never feel you’re being too intrusive if you decide to call them. Be it in the middle of the night or at the end of the world, they are literally there for you all the time in spite of their busy schedule. They will never come handy with excuses of why they could not be there for you.

16. You don’t care what other people think about your relationship.

You don’t feel the need to broadcast the course of your relationship or discuss the details of your relationship with anyone. You trust your relationship and don’t feel insecure about losing your partner. Hence, being together comes naturally to you; nothing to be pompous about. You start enjoying your togetherness, without waiting for others’ approval.

When you finally meet “The One”, you will just know. You will feel it in the pits of your stomach, and every time you are with them, you will feel safe, happy, and fulfilled. Things which you thought you will never get to experience, you will experience all those beautiful things.

If you want to know more about genuine connections and the things that will change when you finally meet the one, check this video below:

You will know if she/he is the one for you

If you relate to the signs you met the one, then share your thoughts in the comments below!

Finally Meet The One
How Do You Know When You Meet The One For You
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When You’ve Met The One, You Will Notice These16 Things
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  1. Toni Segarra Avatar
    Toni Segarra

    One of the things that characterizes couple love. It is when it is burning. Everything the couple does, however harmful it may be. We will justify it, launder, defend, etc. This is so, because in love we are beyond evil and good.
    Another thing is, when that love, that fire goes out. Well, then we cannot bear the stupidity, the nonsense, the demands of the couple.

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