8 Signs She is The One You’ve Been Looking For

signs she is the one you have been looking for

Congratulations! You have finally met the one woman you have been looking for all your life. She is smart, funny, beautiful, and everything you’ve ever wanted. But can you be completely sure that she is The One? 

Signs that you’ve found “the one”, 

There are a lot of articles out there, mine included, which discuss traits or characteristics of the ‘right person.’ Ways they treat you, ways they conduct themselves, what the relationship should look like…

But the truth is,

relationships are not about checking items off of a list.

They are not about an arbitrary test score or seeing how someone matches up to some list a blogger put together on the internet. Yes, these concepts can help you determine whether or not someone may be a good person or a good match for you, but relationships are not just about logic or reason. In fact, they are seldom about that at all.

We need to find a balance between emotional happiness and knowing what type of person is right for us.

This requires being open and honest with ourselves about what we want, but also what we feel. Just because you have met a woman who checks off all of the boxes on a list doesn’t mean that she will be right for you in the long run.

Needless to say, everyone will have different experiences and circumstances that make them feel as though they have found the person they’ve been looking for all along, but here are some signs that I have found worth paying attention to:

8 Signs She is The One You’ve Been Looking For

1. You completely lose interest in talking to or seeing anyone else.

In my experience, when you find a woman who you can both see and feel real potential with, there is absolutely no point in talking to any other women – even if you were previously. I feel as though if you have been dating someone for more than a few weeks and still have interest in romantically pursuing others, it is a good sign that she is not the right one for you.

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2. You always want to be connected with her somehow.

Modern technology is fantastic because it allows us to communicate with each other instantly at any time of the day. Our grandparents have long love letters to each other they had to wait a week or two for a response for. They make for romantic heirlooms, but not particularly the best form of communication.

You make the small moments special.
8 Signs She is The One You’ve Been Looking For

When a woman has fully captured your attention, you always want to be talking to her, even if it just means texting through the day. Every time you see her name come up on your phone is like coming across a winning lottery ticket.

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3. You see sex differently.

Sex and physical intimacy are important parts of any relationship – but when you find a woman who you form a real, genuine connection with, your priority list shifts. Maybe you haven’t even slept together yet, but the truth is you don’t care. Why? Because that’s not what this relationship is built on. It is built on depth, respect, happiness, and what could someday grow into love.

Of course that’s not to say it shouldn’t happen – when two consenting adults feel a strong mutual attraction, there is nothing wrong with acting on it – and when you find the woman you’ve been looking for, the explosiveness of even the smallest touch or kiss will be an indicator of just how amazing the intimacy will be when it does happen.

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