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5 Signs The One You Let Go Was “The One”

Signs The One You Let Go

Have you ever looked back on your relationships, and thought that the one you let go of was the perfect partner for you? And you could have had a life with them? 

You’re a strong person, and on the way to learning about your inner strength, you stumbled a bit, maybe fallen on your face! Yeah, it happens to all of us. It is an outstanding feeling when we find out how to love ourselves and discover our worth, but be careful my friend. You could go too far.

I was once approached by a friend who said I was self-absorbed. I had no idea, but I was building walls, throwing up defenses, and putting on armor so no one could hurt me again. I was headed toward self-destruction. I had a long list of people whom I cut from my life, and there on the list, could be, the one I never should have let go.

If you’re wondering if you’ve done this before, I can give you a few hints. There are several ways to test this theory. Try not to be alarmed if you come to the realization that you did, in fact, lose your soulmate. It’s never too late to try and repair the broken connection.

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5 Signs The One You Let Go Was “The One”

1) You Are Still Willing To Help Them.

If you notice how quickly you agree to help someone that you thought was out of your life, this could be an indication that they should never have left.

If you drop everything to run help this person, you must care a lot, especially if you risk a present relationship or job. Your heart is still in it.

2) You Have Adapted Many Of Their Traits.

If you find yourself doing things just like them or picking up mannerisms, then you may probably have let them slip through your fingers. If they have this much influence on you, then maybe they are meant to be in your life. Take notes on this one.

3) You’ve Never Loved So Strongly.

Love is a chemical, let’s face it. You experience different amounts of this chemical according to how strong love is. If you can’t seem to get over a “high” of love, then you may be moving past the wrong lover. This one could be the one!

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4) You Can’t Stop Thinking About Them.

Every day and every night, you think about them. Yes, they were all wrong for you, but they fill every corner of your mind. Maybe, just maybe, they weren’t that wrong for you after all.

Thinking about a person all the time, even when you try not to, is a huge indicator that you miss them and need their influence in your life. In some way, this person had an impact on your life, and you shouldn’t have let them go.

5) You Are Still Impressed By Them.

If you have never met anyone who is as impressive in action as the one you let go, then you are in trouble.

Many times, people let loved ones go just to find out they will never have such great treatment again. It’s sad and it’s a sure indication that you did lose true love.

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I hope you’re not feeling down right about now, but if you are, I suppose you did lose the one. I checked my list, and then checked it twice and realized, I was one of the lucky ones. I hadn’t let go of the one. As a matter of fact, I think I have him now, and I never plan to let him go.

Because he is the one, and there will be no other.

Take heart, if you’ve lost the one, anything is possible. You could get a second chance. It never hurts to try.

Be blessed.

Want to know more about the signs of losing your soulmate? Check out this video below!

5 Telltale Signs-If, The One You Let Go Was "The One"
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Lost your soulmate
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