How to Recognize The One You Made A Pact With Long Before You Were Born

How to Recognize The One

Everyone in this world deserves to have a soulmate and is meant to have one. But, how will you recognize the one who is meant for your heart?

What if, long, long before you were born, you knew him and chose him forever?

What if, you chose him when the concept of ‘you’ did not even exist?

What if, you chose your ‘forever’ far before you chose your own self?

But, oh! We all live in a world that makes us think that such kind of love does not exist. This world makes us feel that love is in a material form and there is nothing sublime or ecstatic about it.

Even modern relationships are full of cheating and lies and deceit and obviously, all of this crass cacophony of the modern world is bound to make you also feel that love is too difficult to find and that you are never going to get it.

Don’t worry! You have already chosen the one that you have to be with. This life and all the crappy relationships that you go through are only a test to see if you deserve the one you have chosen.

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Don’t worry or fret faint-hearted.

You have already chosen the one who will make your nights beautiful and your days even more extravagant. You will feel that you do not have enough time to tell this special one about what you want and how you feel. You will always feel that you are running out of time.

Your soul will dance in his presence and your soul will certify him. Your body will enjoy his touch and will desire to be touched by him even more. You will take great pleasure in all that he has to offer to you. Such love will nourish your life and it will satisfy your soul.

Such love will also tell you about your potential and the things you can easily achieve. He will know your worth and he will tell you how important and crucial you are to him and to the world around you. He will not only please the essence of your soul but he will also fill your life with purpose and peace.

How to Recognize The One
How to Recognize The One

But how to recognize ‘The One”?

That’s the easiest part.

The happiness of your soul when he is around you will make you know that he is the one. Your body will react in a different way around him. You will be coy and shy and you will need his entire attention.

You will understand, in his presence, what it means to be actually happy. You will be comfortable with him, not only physically but also on a spiritual level. Physically, though, you might feel those butterflies in your stomach and an absolute desire to be noticed by him.

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And what will happen when he is away?

Pssst, you will not know what to do with yourself. You will sit waiting for him as if there is nothing else to do except wait for him. You will not be at peace when he is not around and after a point of time, you will need him to be able to even smile. And you will not even realize that you will become addicted to him forever because that’s bound to him. It happens only once in a lifetime.

This person that you have chosen will do one more thing for you. He will add meaning to your life. You will constantly feel that you are special when you are around him and this feeling will make you feel that you can achieve whatever you want to achieve.

Once you will start feeling that, you will expand your potential and try as hard as possible to be the best person that you possibly can. And this will be wonderful because this will nourish your soul.

23 thoughts on “How to Recognize The One You Made A Pact With Long Before You Were Born”

  1. “A soulmate is an ongoing connection with another individual that the soul picks up again in various times and places over lifetimes.
    We are attracted to another person at a soul level not because that person is our unique complement, but because by being with that individual, we are somehow provided with an impetus to become whole ourselves”…..Edgar Cayce

    This was my experience.

  2. This is an excellent piece of insightful writing. Words do so little to capture the immensity of what this relationship is and represents. The Universe rejoices when two find the other in a sea of spirit.This planet and incarnation I believe are part of many this twin flame can or will choose. The true nature of this relationship is born of spirit. In a realm not of or even like the earth. The Universal Consciousness is where twin flames are conceived and will always return to. I have found her and she has found me!

  3. But what if I had all of the above, everything you just described, the butterflies and all and he returned the enthusiasm! We were finally happy after such a turbulent life then all of a sudden the Tower fell and he died! Now 9 months later I’m all alone and lost and I cry daily I know the 5 of cups but will I be with him again ever??? He was the love of my life

    1. If this person you speak of was your true twin flame the physical world is just a short scene in your story. They will be there after you transition beyond this world waiting in the beauty of the Universe to continue your story together. Time is only a measurement in this world. There are an eternity of moment beyond it.

    2. Yes, you will find each other again, but in your next life perhaps on a a day you are visiting a city/town old book store. You will be leaving the book store and he will be on his way into it and your eyes will meet and the connection will be so strong that it will stop the two of you in your tracks, after what seems like forever not wanting to miss an opportunity the two of you agree to go for coffee/tea…walking to a near by shop in a bit dazed, but happy looking at each other as you both walk away towards the coffee shop.

      He is the love of your life, he is so sorry that you couldn’t be together in this life that he missed it, but you will be together in the next life.

      Now, get ready to meet your King of Pentacles who will love you and care for you, who is kind, and loving. He is your soul mate you have a beautiful future.
      Remember to be kind too yourself.
      Love & light

  4. I think I have met my soul mate, all that you have explained above I’m experiancing after all the heartache and pain iv been through. Thank you Mykh. I would love to get more of your righting/work if possible

  5. This is complete bullshit. Thanks for trying though. Not sure where you got your information from. But it’s definitely bogus. People can be the definition of this and it won’t amount to anything. I’m sure the rebuttal is that it’s irrelevant.

  6. Twin Soul.. truly exist. I met him, timing was not right, I declined his offer..
    His getting his things together before he will approach me. I will not settle for anything less than I deserve

  7. I was lost for years. Never really finding the completeness. It is as you describe. I met my twin flame. I know it without a doubt. I sit for hours waiting.

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