The Truth About Victimhood That Can Heal You

truth about victimhood

Healing Power

No doubt, in order to heal the trauma of abuse and victimhood, we must release the disempowering beliefs at cause. Moreover, all emotional wounds and unhealed emotional trauma funnel down to one or more of three disempowering beliefs (powerlessness, unworthiness, and victimhood), and, therefore, these are the beliefs we must identify and release.

Additionally, since victimhood is transcended through the expression of power, we must also embody our power through tangible demonstration, and this means that our actions, behaviors and choices must demonstrate self-empowerment. Evidenced by speaking one’s truth, setting and enforcing boundaries, taking actions that overcome fear, etc….

Healing is not an overnight process
The Truth About Victimhood That Can Heal You

Looking back on my courageous escape, not only did I have to believe that I had the power to save myself, I had to prove that I could!

Clearly, it’s impossible to be both a victim and self-empowered at the same time, and, therefore, if victimhood creates a sense of identity (as it often does), before we can be fully empowered (and heal), the victim identity must be dropped.

As the bridge from victimhood to victory, self-empowerment is key! However, self-empowerment is relative to self-responsibility, and this means that we must take full responsibility for the experiences caused by our beliefs.

So, before I could fully heal the emotional trauma of victimhood, I had released the belief in powerlessness, and not only did I have to stop identifying as a victim, I also had to claim responsibility for my own victimhood – and this meant relinquishing blame.

Say “No” To Blame!

The act of blame is only possible when we believe that we are powerless and someone has (or had) greater power. However, the hidden cost for shifting responsibility (via blame) is our own disempowerment.

Regardless of past or present circumstances, each time we project blame, we give our power to the one we blame, and because we need this power to heal, our emotional wounds deepen with age. While feeding our own powerlessness, the act of blame perpetuates victimhood, and by blaming another, we project the power needed to heal!

He Who Blames Others Has A Long Way To Go.
The Truth About Victimhood That Can Heal You

No matter how you look at it, shifting responsibility inhibits healing and perpetuates unnecessary suffering.

However, let’s be clear; although you must take responsibility for the unconscious beliefs that result in disempowering circumstances, this does not mean that you are deserving of mistreatment nor were you ever deserving, and, therefore, there’s absolutely no reason for shame.

By claiming responsibility for disempowering circumstances, you activate your intrinsic power – and this power allows you to heal!

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Metaphysical Alchemy

Whether we realize it, or not, we are always 100% responsible for every experience and this means that we are never really powerless. However, as long as perception is filtered through shame, regret, guilt, blame, resentment, etc…, it’s impossible to see the full picture nor comprehend the higher purpose of challenging experiences. Therefore, before we can understand how or why we created disempowering relationships, emotional trauma, or painful experiences, all limiting interpretations of the past must be questioned – and the filters of misperception cleared.

Just like “metaphysical alchemy,” the wisdom of the ages healed me from within, and once Universal Truth illuminated my disempowering beliefs, I was awakened and set free!

Now, with unclouded vision, it’s perfectly clear to see that I was never really a victim, and, in fact, Hal enacted the part best suited for him and me, and, instead of being motivated by hate, as I once believed him to be, it’s now clear to see that he played the perp out of love for me!

Although I would not attain this level of clarity for many years, the moment everything came into focus, the idea of forgiveness dissolved into enormous gratitude! Although I never got the chance, if I could, I would say, “Hal, thank you for waking me up – and making me save my own life!”

By looking beyond the obvious, the illusion begins to dissolve, and if we allow the truth to come into full view, we can begin to see that every victim holds the key for victory!

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Release Disempowering Beliefs

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Written by: Nanice Ellis
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The Truth About Victimhood That Can Heal You
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