10 Everyday Struggles Of People Who Are Bad At Expressing Themselves

 March 18, 2017

10 Everyday Struggles Of People Who Are Bad At Expressing Themselves

For a lot of people, it is not easy to express how they feel. Some can almost easily express emotions in front of people but many cannot.

They are scared to be brutally honest and simply do not find the words to express their inner struggles.

Keeping emotions to oneself can be emotionally taxing and many do not find the right voice to express the tortuous inner turmoil.

Keeping feelings to oneself is not a healthy proposition. This may take a toll on the mind and body. Before you can actually figure out a way of expressing yourself, you may just slip into denial.


Here is a list of the struggles of people who are bad at expressing themselves:


For most inexpressive people, tears often come in at the wrong time. Crying is never something that comes naturally to them. They may be perfectly fine settings in which one may find it hard to push back tears.



For most people hard at expressing themselves, the answer to “how are you?” is often met with “I am fine,” even if they are not feeling fine.

Despite the sulking and tearful sessions, most people struggle to express their true feelings to a crowd at large.



A lot of non-expressive people find it hard to bury and push the feelings to a corner at the drop of a hat.

In fact, they often snap inside the comforts of their own home and feel surrounded by an explosive rage when they are not facing too many people. This is a constant struggle to ward off rage.



A lot of people, who are bad at expressing themselves, often find it hard to say “I love you” to the people they are closest to.

It is almost a chore to respond to feelings of love and romance. In fact, these people find it hard to even cry at events that others find a lot emotional to handle.

These events typically are the graduation ceremonies or even the weddings, funerals and baby showers.

A lot of people actually find inexpressive people to be heartless, when in reality they are just seemingly bad at expressing themselves!



In case a non-expressive person is at a loss to express themselves with words, he or she has two things in mind. The first thing that comes to his or her mind is to take off than meet with a conflict situation.

The flight route is better than the fight route and not expressing oneself is the safest pursuit.



Sarcasm is often a crutch that most inexpressive people find suitable. Sarcasm often deflects attention from real issues and does not draw attention to the issues at hand.

You should not mix up sarcasm with insensitivity as most inexpressive people find sarcasm handy while pointing out a flaw or problem!



A lot of inexpressive people find hugging a lot tortuous. In fact, any form of public displays of affection or PDA is problematic to them.

Most people who struggle to beat emotions have a trouble cuddling or snuggling up with close ones. It is part of their reflexes and mental makeup.

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