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The Way You Express Emotions Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Express Emotions Based Zodiac Sign

Each individual expresses emotions uniquely according to their personality. Hence it’s no surprise that each zodiac sign tells a different story about the way we express our emotions. Knowing about the way you express emotions, based on your zodiac sign, can help to make more sense of all the ridiculous, emotional whims your heart throws at you 24/7! 

Ultimately, we all are an emotional mess, but we deal with it and express it very differently. For example, water signs are experts at keeping their emotions hidden whereas fire signs easily explode with rage and passion.

Without further delay, let’s find out the way you express emotions, based on your zodiac sign:

Aries (March 21 to April 19)

Express Emotions aries

Experience sudden floods of emotions and fits of rage. When they can’t ruminate on their feelings, it triggers stress and alienation. 

Aries lead fast-paced lives; they are moving through life at speed faster than all the other signs. Hence, they have no time to ponder on their emotions, which is not healthy because Arians become stressed and hostile when they’re unable to deal with their feelings. It is not uncommon for Arians to experience a sudden flood of emotions and experience bursts of rage. They are hot-headed. On the other hand, Aries wants the world to perceive them as strong individuals, hence, they aren’t comfortable sharing their innermost feelings with just about anyone.


Taurus (April 20- May 20)

Express Emotions taurus

Dislikes being weak and vulnerable, likes to work through their emotions alone until they get past the messy days. 

Usually, the Taurus is an easy-going personality and hates having to feel weak and vulnerable. When they are upset and emotional, they go off the radar and retreat into their hideout. They take their own time to come to terms with their feelings, and you’ll never know how messed up this phase is for them because they won’t emerge until they’re over it. Since Taureans are very sensual beings, their emotional phases must include good food and music that syncs with their mood. Next time you notice your Taurus friend missing out group activities, you can guess that they are going through something deep.


Gemini (May 21- June 20)

Express Emotions gemini

Except for some subtle signs, it’s hard to understand how they feel; they rely on their loved ones to figure it out.

Geminis are those jolly humans who always put a smile on other people’s faces and try to ensure that everything is happy and lighthearted. It’s quite hard to understand what Geminis are going through. If you look closely enough, you’ll probably be able to see subtle changes in their behavior that are indicative of something bigger. A drop in their clever remarks, being lost in thought and in general, an overall quieter attitude. If left to themselves, they’ll never talk about it, instead, wallow in their sadness. They depend on their loved ones to figure things out when they are not feeling fine emotionally.


Cancer (June 21- July 20)

Express Emotions cancer

Very sensitive and they experience frequent emotional whims, can burst into tears of sadness as well as happiness in a second’s notice.

When Cancer feels emotional, the entire world knows about it. Their eyes say it all, just look into a Cancer’s eyes to understand exactly how they’re feeling. They are one of the moodiest zodiacs out there, can as easily burst into tears of happiness as they can cry you a river when depressed. Their emotional whims are frequent, and they must share their sorrows with trusted people, otherwise, they will just break to pieces. Some people might find them to be clingy and needy and easily upset.


Leo (July 21 – Aug 20)

Express Emotions leo

Like to make a dramatic show of their emotions and keep talking non-stop about their feelings.

Leos are the most dramatic amongst all the zodiac signs. When they are going through heavy feelings, expect a theatrical show of emotions. With their fire and passion, Leos can blow things out-of-proportion. If you’re thinking of talking to them when they’re feeling upset, let me tell you that the conversations will most likely be one-sided. Your helpful inputs will have to wait until they express all their deepest emotions. No doubt it’s fascinating to watch, but can be pretty infuriating too.


Virgo (Aug 21 – Sep 20)

Express Emotions virgo

Obsess and micro-analyze every emotion, turning it into a nightmare. Needs to figure things out themselves and neutralize conflicting emotions.

Logical minded Virgos micro-analyze every emotion they feel, turning the whole thing into a bad nightmare. They try to maneuver through their emotions analytically, but emotions are anything but logical, so this approach can easily backfire. Frankly speaking, Virgos freak out when thrown into an emotional pit. But once they begin to cool off, they take the necessary steps to figure things out and neutralize conflicting emotions. 


Libra (Sep 21- Oct 20)

Express Emotions libra

They avoid expressing emotions as much as possible because they don’t want to rock the boat. Resorts to self-destructive behaviors. 

Libra tries to avoid getting too emotional because they don’t want to rock the world with their feelings. It makes sense because this zodiac is all about balance. However, when their emotional scales are tipped, they become a mess. They have difficulty opening up about deep emotions.They resort to self-harming practices and may have repressed emotions that can backfire in future, sometimes damaging their relationships.But when they are in a happy place, they enjoy it to the fullest.


Scorpio (Oct 21- Nov 20)

Express Emotions scorpio

Intense and volatile, they rub off their feelings on everyone. They need to do something with their feelings and can’t keep them bottled up.

Scorpios are intense and very passionate, so whatever they are feeling, it’s very deep. This might be a surprising find about them because they appear to be big stoics at first. Their feelings are so volatile and strong that they rub off on everyone around them. Scorpios hold grudges and don’t let people forget either, so remain wary of an emotional backlash. They don’t like to keep their emotions bottled up, they want to express it in some way, whether that is to give someone a piece of their mind or hug a loved one tightly.


Sagittarius (Nov 21- Dec 20)

Express Emotions sagittarius

Gets provoked easily and has angry outbursts, it’s best for them to revisit problems later rather than dig up things in the heat of the moment.

Being a fire sign, they get incensed and blow off steam. However, they try to avoid unpleasant feelings as much as possible, as this sign is all about positivity and good vibes. But when they step into uncharted waters, things can get a little rough for them emotionally. Since they are impulsive by nature, it’s best to calmly address the problem after they have cooled down rather than rake things up at the heat of the moment.


Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 20)

Express Emotions capricon

Being naturally pessimistic, they don’t get stirred easily by negativities. Vulnerable regarding matters of the heart.

Capricorns have an innate pessimistic mindset, hence they expect life to throw unfortunate situations now and then. It takes a lot for a Capricorn to get deeply emotional. When experiencing heavy emotions, they retreat inwards and overthink. They are particularly affected by matters of the heart. In such cases, they only open up and break down all their issues to a trusted person. So if Capricorns express their emotions with you, it’s reason enough to feel special.


Aquarius (Jan 21- Feb 20)

Express Emotions aquarius

They want to believe nothing’s the matter until it is too late and their emotions have turned into poison. An emotional outlet is essential.

Aquarians like to float on the surface of things rather than go deep, so they have a natural tendency to avoid heavy emotions. And since they avoid their emotions all the time, their reactions are delayed. Having an emotional vent is essential for them as suppressing can lead to deep-seated issues. A great thing about Aquarians is that when dealing with someone going through a bad phase, they can channelize their own emotions to help the person.


Pisces (Feb 21 – Mar 20)

Express Emotions pisces

Sentimental and deeply emotional, they have much sadness in their hearts. The best way to deal with heaviness is to channelize them into something constructive.

Sentimental is a defining characteristic of the Pisces personality. They have an infinite well of emotions and sadness inside their hearts. But if you know a Pisces well, you can’t deny that their emotions are the reason why you find them so interesting. They are people who can suffer a lot but also thrive when they’re feeling overly emotional. The best way a Piscean can deal with their emotions is to channelize their heaviness into something productive and remain focused with a calm mind.


The Way You Express Emotions Based On Your Zodiac Sign
The Way You Express Emotions Based On Your Zodiac Sign
Express Emotions Based Zodiac Sign pin

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