The Way You Express Emotions Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Here’s the way you express emotions according to your zodiac sign.

Each individual express emotion differently according to their zodiac sign. The sign tells a story about the emotional state of a person and the propensities integral to human expression.

For example Water signs, for instance, are a breed of people who are experts at hiding their emotions strongly. Fire signs often explode with passion and can never hold back their desires.


Here are the signs and their characteristics of zodiac signs and the way they express their emotions:


(March 21 to April 19):

Aries often makes individuals fast-paced and always of the go. Most Arians become sad and stressed when they are unable to deal with their emotions and often become very hostile. There could be a flood of emotions that could trigger alienation and a negative type of an emotion.



(April 20- May 20):


Taurus is easy-going and most Taurians hate being weak and even vulnerable. They often seem to disappear whenever they are upset and can get very quiet when they retreat into a hideout. They often then work through their emotions and get past the bad days.



(May 21- June 20):

Geminis are always in control of their lives and are escapists who want to be free. When they are depressed they recoil back and don’t reach out to others and help them with their problems. A true Gemini will leave nothing to the imagination and wallow in the sadness often being distraught.



(June 21- July 20):


Cancer is the most complicated sign in the zodiac and most Cancerians do not know how to deal with emotions. They don’t like reaching out to others and often feel they are a burden to others when they do. Cancerians can be clingy and needy when they are upset and often hide in their shells. You are always unprepared for an emotional situation with this zodiac person.



(July 21 – Aug 20):


Leos have a lot of fire and passion and do not hesitate to show it ever. Sometimes these emotions become very strong and others find these too difficult to deal with them. Leos can be very self-centered and bothers less about someone’s feelings. They can also blow things out of proportion but they mean very well.



(Aug 21 – Sep 20):


Virgo needs to be alone when they are worried or upset. They often become deeply frustrated when others help them out. Even if you want to cheer a Virgo up, you can invite the wrath of a troubled Virgo. They can often cool off and figure things for themselves.

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