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Stop Struggling and Start Living: 3 Easy Steps To Create Realistic Action

Stop Struggling Start Living

Have you ever wanted to reach a goal that feels impossible to achieve? You may be in this situation right now. When something feels unreachable we don’t take action and we feel the struggle. What if there was a way to stop struggling and start living? Read on to know how to create realistic action.

You may say “I’m productive and I’m working so hard, but I’m tired, overwhelmed and I really want to stop struggling. What do I do?”

n any project or life goal the major part of reaching it is the emotional component. This is key. How do you feel about it? 

A goal is not just the specific number to hit, or the amount of money to make, or the effort needed.

Often, what’s keeping you from reaching those goals are the struggles and resistance you experience inside, not the actual physical goal itself.

Feeling struggle is real, feeling resistance is real.

It’s easy to judge the actions we take when we feel resistance and are struggling.

The resistance is feeding more resistance when judgement is involved.

We often have well worked out strategies to distract ourselves from the feeling of resistance.

This avoidance is keeping us from showing up for ourselves and taking the true action that the situation is calling for.

Stop Struggling and Start Living: 3 Easy Steps To Create Realistic Action

You may relate to any of the following: over-eating, over-drinking, not-eating, closing off your feelings, etc.

You know what your “go-to” is that gives a sense of comfort in the moment and distracts you from the truth.

Your resistance can take the expression of opposites, it’s either not-doing or over-doing, both are resistance.

As long as you keep distracting yourself you are keeping yourself from moving forward towards the goal you really want to achieve, and most importantly:

Distraction is keeping you from your personal growth.

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Now is the time to stop struggling and start living.

One of the biggest realizations of my life was that it was OK to let the foot off the gas pedal and take a step back to let things fall into place when I wanted something to happen.

By letting the foot off the gas pedal (which felt totally uncomfortable) things started to happen immediately and I turned out even more productive.

What happened was that subconsciously I invited the universe to organize the best path to the goal. It may not be the way I had planned, but when I started to trust that the right actions would happen if I followed the feeling of ease. By doing this I started to exceed my goals faster than I ever thought possible.

Taking a step back when we feel the most pressure is so counteractive to how we are conditioned to think.

We are taught that to be successful we need to plan everything out, we need to be on top of things all the time, we need to take on more and more on our plate, we need to be the “good girl” and never complain.

We are taught as busy women to just keep going. This definition of success comes with feelings of struggle and resistance.

I’m going to turn that definition on its head.

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Success is a feeling of ease. 

So, how can we approach success differently and stop struggling?

How can we ultimately create success through creating realistic, easy-going action?

Think about it, when you’re doing something that comes naturally to you, you are in a feeling of non-resistance. Things just happen and you’re creating and achieving with ease.

Well-being is your natural state. Resistance and struggle is not your natural state and true you. We’ve all had moments of non-resistance and ease that we can travel back to in our mind, but how do we bring it out to today?

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