6 Spiritual Lessons You Can Learn From A Narcissistic Person

spiritual lessons you learn from narcissistic person

The term “narcissist” has become synonymous with evil. But being with a narcissistic person can help you expand your spiritual self and learn valuable lessons in life leading to a better and stronger version of yourself.

Is A Narcissistic Person Pure Evil?

Narcissists are EVIL!!! That’s what we’ve been told. If you have encountered a narcissist in your life, whether a parent, a partner, or a coworker, then you have a pretty good idea about how evil-intentioned and dangerous they can be. What we need to realize is that narcissism is a personality disorder that requires medical treatment and support.

Author Melissa Schenker writes “It’s a current national pastime to bash narcissists. They are easy targets. Despite their intense need for approval, those in the public eye can’t help but mostly be seen in a negative light.

If you have lived with a narcissist, you know how they abuse and torment their victims to boost their feeble egos and self-esteem. Being in a relationship with a toxic narcissist can feel like going through hell. Cognitive scientist Art Markman, Ph.D. explains “Narcissists are people who maintain their self-esteem by drawing on the energy of other people.”

Narcissistic Person
Narcissistic Person

But we must understand that a narcissistic person is suffering from a diagnosable mental condition known as a narcissistic personality disorder. Although that doesn’t give them the permission to abuse you, it should help you understand why a narcissist behaves the way they do. It should help you understand that they may not be as evil as they are typically portrayed.

But don’t get me wrong. This is not about promoting narcissism or abuse. The point is, there is some silver lining even when it comes to narcissists. The truth is with understanding comes awareness. “We may love to hate narcissists, but the fact is that we need to do better. We need to understand narcissists. Because we need to take care of ourselves,” adds Melissa Schenker.

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Not Tormentor, But A Mentor

Although it may be very difficult to grasp, there is a reason why that narcissistic person is in your life. They are here to guide you, to teach you some hard lessons that you wouldn’t have learned otherwise. They are here to push you to the extreme and empower you to explore a side of your inner self that you never even knew existed. They’re here to help you become a stronger, and better version of yourself.

We tend to attract what we need the most. And what we need the most is inner healing. We need to grow spiritually as human beings; explore what we are truly capable of; to know how we can help ourselves and others. Narcissists can help a lot when it comes to helping you become a better version of yourself, albeit unintentionally. They can help you become a more compassionate, mindful, resilient, and a happier person.

So instead of being a victim of a narcissist, choose to be a student. Shift your mindset and see them as a life coach, a teacher, or a mentor instead of an abuser. When you see yourself as a student, your awareness will start to expand. Melissa Schenker adds “You’ll come to understand that a narcissist has a way of being that is different from yours, and you’ll find ways to interact or create a distance that works for you, rather than exhaust you or put you at risk. At some point, you’ll find that you’re done with that class.”

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