If You Really Want To Give Love A Chance, Here’s Why Sleeping Together Too Soon Is Not A Good Idea

– There is mutual likeness as well as respect

– They are true to their word

– They are treating this as an exclusive situation

– They are not still hung up on any old flame

– Both of you agree on the kind of relationship you want

– You can imagine yourself being in a long-term relationship with them

– sex feels like the logical next step

– You know that you won’t regret having sex with them


It is always better to have sex with someone when you know you two are compatible. Even more so when you feel you want something more than a casual fling with this person. And if they are worthy of your attention and love, and looking for the same thing as you, they will not have any problem in delaying the physical aspects of the relationship for a little while.

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If You Really Want To Give Love A Chance, Here's Why Sleeping Together Too Soon Is Not A Good Idea

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