50 Ways To Be Intimate With Your Woman Without Just Making Love

 March 03, 2018

50 Ways To Be Intimate With Your Woman Without Just Making Love

A relationship grows stronger with both emotional and physical intimacy. Many couples often make the mistake of diluting the physical intimacy with time. But this doesn’t help the relationship in any way, rather, it brings stagnancy.

Physical intimacy is not always about making love but it involves more emotional bonding than we can ever understand. It helps you to know and understand your beloved better; you can express your love for her without taking the trouble to use words or clichéd phrases. It’s about how little things matter to you and your partner and help you discover the magic of your relationship.


Wondering how can you get physically intimate with your woman without just making love? Here are 50 ways:


(1) Hug her at times when she would not even expect it.

(2) Caress her when the two of you are lying together on bed.

(3) Grab her by her waist and dance slowly. Let the music of your love guide you.

(4) No matter how long her hair is, just play with it. Tweak your fingers around it or tuck loose strands around her ears.

(5) Hold her cheeks or chin when you are kissing her.

(6) Take her in your arms whenever she is feeling low.

(7) Put your arms around her lower back whenever you are sitting together.

(8) Kiss her randomly on her forehead.

(9) Caress her eyelids after she had a stressful day.

(10) Grab her hair while you are making out with her.

(11) Lift her up when you meet after returning from a trip.

(12) Allow her to grab your arm when the two of you walk together.

(13) Rest your head on her lap and allow her to treat you like her baby.

(14) Rub your fingers against hers when the two of you are holding hands.

(15) Lock hands at random moments.

(16) Be her pillow and let her rest on your lap when the two of you are lying on the couch together.

(17) Take her in your arms when the two of you are watching a movie.

(18) Stare at her with longing and love before kissing her.

(19) Massage her back after she had a rough day at work.

(20) Wrestle with her when the two of you are doing chores together.

(21) Click candid pictures without her knowing and show them to her afterwards.

(22) Allow her to play with your hair.

(23) Offer her your jacket when she’s feeling cold.

(24) If you can’t walk beside one another, let her walk in front of you.

(25) When there’s lack of space for her to sit, let her sit on your lap.

(26)  Whisper a personal joke in her ear when the two of you are in a group.

(27) Comb or braid her hair.

(28) Make her breakfast before she wakes up.

(29) Let her get completely drunk and be there for her.

(30) Give her a good feet massage.

(31) Let her take selfies with you even if you find it to be stupid.