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5 Things A Strong Woman Should Never Do For A Man

Things Strong Woman Never Do For Man

What are the things a strong woman should never do for a man?

“The saddest thing for a girl to do is to dumb herself down for a guy.” – Emma Watson

Ladies! Here’s the thing, you’ll eventually find someone for whom you would want to bring the whole world together. Falling in love, caring for someone is a good thing but losing yourself completely in the process is of no use.

Don’t run after someone’s approval. Time is a precious thing and if you end up investing energy and time after someone who’s not even your worth then stop. It’s important to realize your existence has a meaning, you’re a personality with an individuality, more than just a body and more than just someone to be taken for granted.

Here are 5 things a strong woman should never do for a man’s attention

1) Changing Yourself For “Him”

Always be the way you are. If he demands certain’ adjustments’ in your personality or behavior so that he’ll be more “interested” in you, then don’t fall for his demands.

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Make necessary changes; changes that will make you feel better about yourself and not because of someone’s whims and fancies.

If the person genuinely likes you, he’ll like you the way you already are. Changing herself at the cost of her comfort is something a strong woman should never for man.

2) Seek His Approval

This is the worst that can happen. You are an intelligent and smart woman. If you are mature enough to provide him that special place in your life, then you are also mature enough to make your own decisions.

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A strong woman always plays by her own rules. She will never wait for someone’s approval.

This is because she knows what’s best for her.

3) Trying To Alter Your Physical Appearance

Whether you are short, tall thin, or plumpy, you own them. It’s you. You have to live in that body for your entire life and that’s how you were born.

Getting a nose job, trying to lose weight, or enhance body parts just for his or anyone else’ sake doesn’t make any sense. That person is obviously not with you for the right reason.

Do it only if you feel it’s the best thing to do for yourself. If it means to boost your confidence about yourself then go for it. But it should be your decision, your choice.

4) Rescheduling Your Plans

So that you can be with him more often? It is indeed quite necessary to make and spend time with each other. But, not when you make him your whole world and cancel your plans with your friends and family.

That someone “special” in your life should not expect you to be always ‘available’

5) Sacrificing Your Dreams And Goals In Life

Sacrificing dreams and career is something strong women never do for a man. An independent-minded woman would never compromise on her passions. She would not let anyone’s interference in between her dreams and ambitions.

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She would only take someone’s advice when she deems it fit. So, anyone trying to tell her what’s right and wrong when it comes to her dreams, she is not to be influenced.

Your partner should be supportive in your endeavors and should never tell you to turn down a perfectly good job opportunity, for reasons that suit his convenience.

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5 Things A Strong Woman Should Never Do For A Man
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5 Things A Strong Woman Should Never Do For A Man

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