Is it Love or Just Lust? This Is How To Tell


Is it Love or Just Lust? This Is How To Tell

Confused with your feelings? Whether it is love or lust?

Every time you hear the word love, a mixture of emotions swirls in your head. Sometimes it’s synonymous to madness and sometimes sanity, sometimes sadness and sometimes bliss.

Love becomes everything you think it is because you may have been in love or are desperately trying to be or you have at least seen or heard different love stories that didn’t always have a happy ending.

Despite everything you can never build a wall around love, love always finds its way.

You might awaken someone’s feelings and desires or someone might do it to you. How to know if those feelings are of love or just lust?

The feeling that love or lust generates in you is magical, your mind and heart get so caught up that you don’t bother to determine if it’s really love or just lust.

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Well, you should be careful because a broken heart literally hurts more than broken bones. If you allow yourself to fall for the wrong person or someone who doesn’t look forward to the same level of commitment you are going to end up with a broken heart which can be really devastating.

Well life in uncertain and we cannot always speculate what exactly is coming our way, however, we want to help you determine if it’s actually love or just lust.

How do we differentiate love from lust?

It’s important to know what love and lust are and what they aren’t.

True love, the one with no conditions attached (unconditional love) is an intense affection wherein the attachment, warmth, fondness is off-limits.

True love is based on strong emotional attachment which can withstand any troubles, problems, misunderstandings. True love is more about giving and rejoicing in the imperfections rather than trying to find perfection in someone.

Lust, on the other hand, is simply a strong attraction (read sexual attraction). The desire to have someone, it is so intense that you get confused if it’s love.

While lust is needed for love, love is not needed for lust. Lust often feels more powerful than love though it is not but it can never withstand time and is bound to fade away because it’s not unconditional was based on a desire from the start.

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Falling in love cannot be one street it needs to be mutual. You both need to understand each other and accept your partner at their very best and worst.

You need to know and understand them fully, know their past and talk about their future and realize that you both fit together before falling head over heels. Falling in love is not easy, it makes your life tough at times and you will need to be tougher, you must.

And how do you know when you’re in love?

You know you’re in love when you fall for someone who adores you and cherishes each moment they spend with you, someone who you love with every bit of your heart, someone you can’t stop thinking about.

Know you’re in love when you admire them and they admire you and listen to all your happiness and your feelings with an open heart.

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When they find every bit of you sexy and when their every act takes your breath away.
You know you’re in love when you fall for someone who makes you feel the most amazing person in the world, someone who listens to you and compliments you, someone who wants to meet your family and friends.

You will know when you’re in love because then you will not wish to get something in return but just see them smile and happy. Though you will have your share of happiness but seeing the smile will be your only wish.

Falling in love is seeking that balance between love and lust wherein your relationship can flourish.

Is it love or just lust?
Is it Love or Just Lust This Is How To Tell Pin
Is it Love or Just Lust? This Is How To Tell

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