6 Signs Your Partner Wants You For Your Body, Not Your Heart

Do you feel that your partner wants your body and not your heart?

It is not your heart that draws your partner towards you but your body.

There is a fine line between love and lust. We often fail to spot the difference because the feeling of lust is equally intense if not more.

You’re in deep love with your partner but if what you get in return is only physical intimacy you might be wondering if all he wants is your body, not your heart

You both enjoy the intimate love making you do, but you might want to be sure that you’re not just being used.

It’s important to know if all that your partner is looking for is your body because, in the end, it is always devastating to find out you were only being used.


Signs your partner wants just your body and not your heart:

1. You have to fulfill his desires even when you’re not in the mood

There are times you don’t feel like making out, but still, you do because your partner insisted. When you are making out a lot, more than what you want, just because your partner insisted – it is a sign that all your partner wants from you is your body and not your heart

Despite your ‘no’ if your partner goes ahead and forces you into the act, even if the two of you are married – it is not okay. With love comes respect and that follows respecting your consent. The desire for lust is not greater than love and nothing is more important than respect. If he doesn’t respect you, he doesn’t love you, it’s that simple.


2. Their track records show a lack of commitment.

If your partner has never been able to stay committed for a long time in the past is a sign that he is with you just for your body.

His number of short-term relationships and his walking way attitude shows a lack of commitment.

 He who gets away easily by using people will continue to do so because when what they want comes easy they don’t see the need to pay the price i.e. loyalty.


3. They either talk dirty or don’t talk.

Love is about sharing your feelings and finding solace in each other’s words, but if all your partner talks about is your body and being together in bed. There definitely is something wrong. Relationships are more about emotions than the body.

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