Love Without Attachment: 4 Secrets To Love Unconditionally

Love Without Attachment: 4 Secrets To Love Unconditionally

Keeping love from turning into attachment isn’t easy, here are 4 secrets to love unconditionally

Love has no limit, no shape, and no condition. If we could understand this, we wouldn’t have the need to buy chocolate ice-cream and watch sad love movies while we sit wallowing in self-pity.

The fatal relationship killer goes by the name, attachment. This nasty little thing disguises its self as love at first and later becomes jealous and needy.

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You see, the attachment is also known as co-dependency, it makes us believe we cannot live without the person we love. And this puts both them and us in a dangerous cage. When being so deeply “in love” we forget about the importance of ourselves and our needs because the sensation of pleasing our loved ones feels so good.

When we love unconditionally, the pains of attachment can’t affect us.

Loving unconditionally is the acceptance of all that is. When we can’t accept someone for everything they are we start to try and change them and we convince ourselves that we know best. This is often the start of toxic relationships.

How to love unconditionally?

Keeping pure love from turning into attachment isn’t easy, but here are 3 of the best-kept secrets to realizing before it’s too late, with one extra – to conclude it all.

Love Without Attachment: 4 Secrets To Love Unconditionally

1.   Ask yourself what you felt the first few days after meeting your loved one.

If you can’t remember those feelings and only memories and experiences, or that person comes up. It should be seen as a red flag.

When we first experience being “in love” with that person, we have a huge sense of freedom and happiness. Our senses become heightened and our awareness of the world is met with appreciation, everything is “just right”.

It’s important to remember what and how you felt without that person being right there, with you, in the physical. It’s important to try to remember how being in love enhanced your appreciation for life, with the mere thought of that special person in mind.

Watch out what Billy Ward says about loving and being loved.

2.  Love is everlasting, unmeasurable.

When we love unconditionally, it should know no boundary.

We should be able to love someone so wholeheartedly that just the thought of them should satisfy us.

When we become attached to someone we crave they are being near to us all the time. We crave them and forget about the gift of solitude. Simply knowing where they are is not enough. And this is dangerous.

Once we learn and accept that love has no end and can be felt between worlds, and over oceans, we will then grasp the importance of allowing such freedom and space. Not only for our loved one but for ourselves.

3.  Unconditional love is the definition of the acceptance of imperfection

To love unconditionally means to understand that nothing is perfect, yet that imperfection is perfection. Attachment is supercritical, judgmental, controlling and serious. If you ever find yourself making decisions for your loved one and or find yourself lecturing them on changing or not meeting the expectations you are or are on the road to suffering.

Unconditional love for another never allows us to go down the road to the attachment. It loves all that is, even that weird little toe or skew tooth.

The connection gives you power but attachment – Never. For better understanding Learn the Difference Between Connection And Attachment

It absolutely loves the sleep marks in the morning and the smell of breakfast, the sound of birds and the way they deal with their issues, the way they cry or the way they go absolutely nuts when something doesn’t go their way, unconditional love is patient and, kind and compassionate in all life’s areas.

27 thoughts on “Love Without Attachment: 4 Secrets To Love Unconditionally”

  1. Avatar of Victoria Harnum

    This can not be learned, when you find the right one, you BOTH will feel like this and you will know the difference. I am 56 years old and only finding it now. There is a saying “you will find it when you are not looking” True and “you will know it when it happens” True also. SO stop looking enjoy other parts of your life and when it happens you will know.

  2. Avatar of Amy Nahabedian

    Please don’t post things that say “how to tell when you’re in trouble” and then not post “here’s how to fix it”. We know we have problems, That’s why we’re reading this post.

  3. Avatar of Ed Quirante

    Attachment is actually a control system used by child-like people. Controlling people are people who are deprived of attention during their formative years in their childhood. They are product of a cold parents. The child are left unattended of their emotional needs until they grow up to be controlling according to studies presented by psychoanalysts.

    1. Avatar of Jasmine Aguayo

      Although I can agree that they are childlike, having had personal experience with such people, it isn’t always “cold parents” to blame. Some of the most loving parents can have children with narcissistic personality disorder. I feel it stems more from lack of or loss of self confidence and unacquired leadership skills (that create true independent living).

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