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A Gentle Reminder: It’s Okay To Be Alone!

Gentle Reminder Its Okay To Be Alone

The act of spending time with yourself shouldn’t be bad. So here’s why it is okay to be alone, especially to all the single ladies out there, don’t be afraid!

Because in being alone, you give yourself the gift of peace. The solitude in its utmost form. It’s okay to be alone because you learn how to make yourself happy without the need of somebody else. You learn how to enjoy things without being forced to please others.

Single Women: Is it okay to be alone?

You learn how to enjoy things without being forced to please others. When you are alone, you set boundaries of protection.

It doesn’t mean you are afraid of pain. It doesn’t mean you deprive yourself of the necessary vulnerability. It doesn’t mean you can’t get off your comfort zone.

But it’s for you to dodge recurring troubles caused by being too open, too exposed to insensitive people. You’ve just become wise enough not to let everyone trespass your borders, because you knew not everyone has the best intentions for you. In being alone you build high walls and guard yourself.

Alone is tantamount to independent. No matter what you go through, you count on yourself the most.

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You don’t just cry and ask for help. You don’t just let others fix everything for you. You never tend to be desperate. You never squander the time by waiting and looking for someone to be there for you; instead, you find the very solution for your struggle using your very own wisdom.

It’s okay to be alone whenever it’s your birthday, whenever it’s Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s or whatever celebration there is.

being alone
Being Alone Without Being Lonely: It’s Ok To Be Alone

Celebrating on your own may be sad to the eyes of the typical world but this just shows maturity (because you know happiness doesn’t just depend on the people around you), contentment (because you appreciate yourself enough), and bravery (because you don’t actually let others bother you with what they think).

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To them, it may be selfishness, pride, cynicism, or simply anti-socialism. But the truth is, you are soft-hearted, you’re a listener, a thoughtful soul.

Once you finally open up your heart, you lavishly pour it all out. You know how to truly love. You are someone worth the chase.

A Gentle Reminder: It’s Okay To Be Alone!
A Gentle Reminder: It’s Okay To Be Alone!

Someone whose walls are meant to be shattered only by the people you deserve. People who can respect that deep, vast world you’re in. People who are sensitive enough to know you need space and time on your own. People who can understand your idealistic principles.

Don’t be afraid of those who always mock you for being lonely, pitiful, friend-less, love-less. You know you are not. You know those are lies. They are just coming from the shallow people who can never be as strong as you are.

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So I’m telling you once again, it’s okay to be alone. Because being alone is a superpower not everyone has.

Written by Karla Crisostomo
Originally appeared on Thought Catalog
Printed with permission from the author

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between solitude and loneliness?

Sometimes, loneliness and solitude are used interchangeably, however, they are not the same. Loneliness is feelings of unwantedness and emptiness. Whereas, Solitude, is the choice to be alone.

Does solitude make you lonely?

No solitude doesn’t make you lonely. It teaches you to make yourself happy without the need for somebody else. You learn how to enjoy things without being forced to please others.

How to be alone?

One of the best ways you learn to be alone is by spending time with yourself. You can start by engaging in new activities, or by learning a new skill or hobby.

Its Okay To Be Alone
To All The Single Ladies! It’s Okay To Be Alone
Reminder Its Okay To Alone pin
Why It Is Okay To Be Alone: Learn To Be Alone
Gentle Reminder Its Okay To Be Alone pin
A Gentle Reminder: It’s Okay To Be Alone!

Karla Crisostomo

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1 thought on “A Gentle Reminder: It’s Okay To Be Alone!”

  1. Avatar of Michal B.L.

    I used to be so scared of being single and alone, I was embarrassed by it… about what people will say and think. But the more time I spent being single, the more I embraced it and myself. I learned to love my own company and presence, that alone isn’t lonely. So many people are so much more miserable in relationships. Not to mention how crucial it is to be more independent and empowered, to actually accept and embrace who we are ❤️❤️

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