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An insouciant soul, believer of joy in a mad world. English teacher. Grammar Enthusiast. Aspiring Author. Cat Cuddler. INFP. Brewed Blood. Passion-Over-Practicality Advocate.

10 Biggest Signs He’s Just Not Into You

Some hard truth on, if the guy who has been playing around with you is really into you or not.

I Will Still Choose You Amidst All The Heartaches

We’ve tried to part ways and we’ve gone too far. But after all, amidst all the heartaches, I will still choose you.

Here Is Your Reminder That Growth Takes Time

It should really be slow. Your maturity. Your learning. The flourishing of your wisdom. The realization of your goals. They all take time.

Being Single Is Not Just Okay: But A Blessing In Disguise

Being single becomes a blessing if you just observe every good thing it gives you.

Stop Chasing Love – Do This Instead

Instead of chasing love, cultivate self-love. Because you cannot fully understand the love you’re seeking from another person, as it would always seem incomplete without the love you have for yourself.

To All The Single Ladies! Its Okay To Be Alone

.. because you learn how to make yourself happy without the need of somebody else.

What You Need In A Forever Person According To Your Zodiac Sign

Here is what you need in your forever person according to your zodiac sign.