10 Not-So-Obvious Signs Your Man Is Cheating On You

 November 25, 2017

10 Not-So-Obvious Signs Your Man Is Cheating On You


7. He loses track of the details about your relationship

Your partner starts giving you less attention now. He accuses you of everything, quarrels with you over petty matters. He forgets about the times spent with you, your memories may incessantly argue over matters. He may also forget about your anniversary or not give you any gift because he had no time to buy one. He will fail to keep a track of where he was in a particular time of the day if you ask him about it.



8. His style and sexual necessities changes dramatically

Studies say all men experience a big rush of testosterone that feels like a confidence every time you have sex. They feel strong and masculine- becoming more attractive to women. An unfamiliar change when you are in bed acts as an indicator of being too aggressive. He may physically force himself on you, but nothing out of love. He may forget to even kiss you goodnight. Is it because someone else is more important to him than you?


9. He no longer has a financial discussion with you

You can no longer hear him talking about money issues. He will hide every detail from you. He may close an account or open a new one without your consult, may even change banks. He may also opt for a second account without any need. He can reload his credit card or eBay accounts to hide all the payment detail for the things he buys without telling you. He may also make repeated withdrawals or cash transfer. He may no longer give you any money too if you need it.


10. He is suddenly more busy at work

His prior excuse for anything late will either be ‘Oh, I was spending time with my new friends I meet at office’ or ‘I am so tired. I had so much work to do at the office today, so I stayed in late’. Office affairs are the most common nowadays. Your husband can really build up a second relationship at workplace behind other’s back. So follow your intuitions, and keep a close check on your partner.



So from now onwards, every time your partner acts randomly or behaves differently and the changes are apparent within a smaller span of days, be cautious. Don’t simply jump to making accusations on him. First, check and then confront him. Ask him repeatedly and don’t let him get away with you. Make a decision, although it may be hard for you. But it’s always better not to stay or linger in a passionless and unresponsive relationship than being confined to lifelong imprisonment with the man or woman who doesn’t love you anymore.

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