8 Signs You Are In A Relationship With A Narcopath (Narcissist-Sociopath Mix)

Relationship With A Narcopath

They will constantly interrupt you with their unwarranted opinions and comments, and quickly circle back to what they think and what’s happening in their lives. Moreover, they will initiate a conversation with you just to get the opportunity to talk about themselves. Narcopaths will make you feel like they always know more and better than you, and will constantly try to dominate the conversation, all the while pretending that they care about what you have to say.

8. They will bombard you with compliments.

Now, this may seem like a sweet thing, but not if it’s a narcopath. Narcopaths are infamous for bombarding their victims with compliments, and making them feel amazing about themselves, but the real truth is, it’s all a game. When you initially start dating a narcopath, they will go to any lengths to win your trust and make you fall for them, and that’s why they never leave any stone unturned when it comes to giving compliments.

It’s just another one of their tricks to make you trust them, and if you notice carefully, you will see that the compliments are all very generic and nothing too special. They don’t have the capacity to understand a person deeply, so how will they compliment someone like that? Going overboard with compliments is a huge red flag when it comes to looking out for narcopaths.

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If you find all or most of these signs in your partner, then you should end the relationship right now. Narcopaths never change and they are incapable of loving someone else, so there’s no point in trying to improve the situation. They will keep on manipulating you, and the moment they feel you can’t offer them anything more, they will drop you like garbage. So before that happens, pack your bags and leave for good.

Relationship With Narcopath pin
Relationship With A Narcopath pin
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