5 Signs He’s Actually A Player

signs he is a player

Is your man a player? First of all, what is a player? There’s a wide variety of definitions out there about what a player is but one part is pretty consistent.

A player is any guy who pretends to care about you, playing your emotions, typically, just to get in bed with you. Now, it’s not the sex that’s the real issue, it’s the lying, the false front, and the generally unsavory character that this behavior demonstrates that is the real problem.

So I’m going to give you five signs he’s a player before he does his damage. But first of all, why do guys do this in the first place?

Why Do Men Become Players?

The first reason is he’s usually love-starved.

Early on in a guy’s development, he craved the acceptance and love of his mom. It’s almost a cliché now in psychology circles. It’s a deep childhood need that we can’t seem to shake. Even worse, if he didn’t get that love, a guy is going to spend a good part of his life seeking it out.

Frankly, if he didn’t get what he needed when he was a kid, he’s going to spend a great deal of his time acting out in search of it and that’s turning him into a player.

The second reason why guys become players is they are underdeveloped.

He’s still stuck in that mama’s boy stage and he hasn’t broken out of it yet. This is the kind of guy where it’s usually a case of bad timing or that he’s never going to mature.

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The third reason why men become players is that he needs validation for a weak ego.

If there’s one part of this personality of a player that stands out, it’s that the player needs validation badly and he does it by trying to get sex. He needs to feel like he’s worth something, so he puts another notch on the headboard to make himself feel better.

Some of these guys just enjoy the feeling of proving that they can do what they were born to do, which is attracting a woman. They just don’t know how to do the next part, that tricky little relationship part.

So let’s jump into the first of these signs he’s a player.

5 Signs He’s Actually A Player

1. He’s a sweet-talker.

The first sign he’s a player is that he’s slick and is a real sweet-talker. This guy comes across with a little bit of that used-car salesman vibe but he also manages to keep it in check with a little bit of the “aw-shucks” Bill Clinton vibe.

He knows how to say just the right thing to you and it’s hard to resist his patter especially when he knows just the right bit of flattery to get you to bite your lip and throw caution to the wind.

Watch out for that sign he’s a player.

2. He’s evasive.

The second sign he’s a player is he is slippery as an eel. This guy knows how to evade almost any attempt to pin him down. He doesn’t leave any trail. He seems to avoid all accountability while he’s at it.

He’s also very good at hiding his phone and keeping your eyes off of all the texting he’s doing and you never really know where he is or who is out with.

He knows how to duck and weave his way out of almost any situation often with the perfect excuse. And it’s an excuse you’re going to find yourself wanting to believe more than you really believe.

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