How To Find Out If He Wants A Long Term Relationship With You

he wants a long term relationship

Is he serious about you? Does he want to be in a relationship with you? Does he want a committed relationship with you? These are some of the most crucial questions you may ask yourself when you start dating someone, especially if you feel that he is “The One”. But how can you know if he is looking for a long term relationship like you are? How can you find out without scaring him away? Here’s a simple yet effective way from life and relationship coach Helena Hart that will help you find out if he wants a relationship.

Exactly How To Find Out If He Wants A Relationship (Here’s What To Ask)

Hi, this is Helena Hart. Today, I’m going to be answering a question I received from a woman in our community who wants to know what to say to a man to find out whether or not he’s looking to be in a long-term committed relationship.

This is such a great question that women ask about all the time— whether they’re single and dating and meeting a lot of new men all the time.

They might have their eye on one particular man and want to find out what he’s looking for in terms of whether or not he wants to be in a relationship right now.

Hopefully, this will be helpful for you if you’re wondering whether he wants a relationship.

Long term relationship
How To Find Out If He Wants A Long Term Relationship With You

I want to start by saying that it’s important to check where you’re coming from before just coming out and asking a man whether he wants a commitment.

You want to be coming from a place of genuine curiosity and true confidence where you’re just getting to know him and want to find out more about who he is. You’re not so attached to the outcome or the results of this conversation or whatever he’s about to say, right?

If he doesn’t give you the answer you were hoping for if you’re going to be completely devastated and you’re super attached to the outcome, it might not be a good time to ask him if he wants a long-term committed relationship.

If you have a strong agenda or attachment to his response, a man can feel that and might feel that you like want something from him that he may not be ready or able to give you right now.

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That’s why it’s always important to see whether or not you have an agenda beforehand.

But if you’re coming from a place of genuine curiosity and you’re getting to know a man and the conversation is flowing and everything is feeling really good, that’s fantastic.

You can say this at any point when you’re coming from a place of true confidence where you’re not attached to the outcome or the result of this conversation. True confidence means you know your value and that you have the options.

If this particular man doesn’t want the same things as you or if you’re not on the same page, you’re going to be fine, right? Because there are so many men out there who would love to be in a relationship with you if that’s what you’re truly looking for.

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