11 Not-So-Obvious Signs He’s Still In Love With You Post Breakup

7. He has become a show-off!

Has he recently becoming more of a show-off? Is he posting every achievement of him, every activity he is engaging himself in and every single happening in his life, online?

This is a way to show you how well he is doing without you, which again means you somewhere still matter to him.


8. When you are around him, he seems to be trying hard not to break down.

Take notice of how he behaves when you are around him. Does he look lost, broken and in pain? Does his body language suddenly change around you? 

If he still carries a soft corner for you, your mere presence should be enough to cut the ground under his feet. 

It is actually a very loud sign that he is still emotionally affected by you.


9. He still uses the things you gave him.

Do you still spot him wearing clothes that you gifted him once? 

Wearing clothes and using other stuff you gave him is a sign that those objects are working as a transitional object for him after he lost you.

It’s a way to remind himself that a part of you is still close to him, with him.


10. His friends are keeping a tab on you.

His friends, who were also your mutual friends, get a regular update on your life. They keep contacting you from time to time, to know if you are fine or if things are going great in your life. 

They might also end up asking you if you have a new romantic interest in someone or not. These pieces of information are not for themselves, but for ‘him’!


11. He is devastated to know that you have started dating someone new.

Men are rather more competitive when it comes to mating. If he is acting weird – getting furious, fuming with jealousy, becoming aggressive after getting to know that you have found yourself a new love interest, he is surely not over you yet.

Bottom line: 

These signs are crucial for you to know because these will help you make a decision on how to handle him. If you are inspired to get back with him after you come to know about the fact that he still carries feelings for you, do it. 

Awareness of where you both stand after a breakup is important and these signs will exactly help you do so. 

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11 Not-So-Obvious Signs He's Still In Love With You Post Breakup

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