How You Screw Your Own Happiness, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

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What if you are undeniably fucking up your own happiness and least aware of it? This post covers how we screw happiness based on the Myers Briggs Personality Type.

This Is How You Screw Up Your Own Happiness, According To Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

1. ISTJ Personality Type – The Inspector

ISTJs are the bright, logical, and wise individuals who are very direct – for them, truth and facts are the most important. With their love of facts, they tend to accumulate a lot of information in their memory. Their focus on concrete facts and data makes them excellent analysts in many different environments.

Although there is nothing wrong with being as thorough as they are, they’re actually missing the most important things in life and that is the source of their happiness. They are very analytical that they want to know every single detail – every single truth for that matter that they end up missing out on being spontaneous from time to time.

The truth won’t always set us free. Sometimes you have to take a risk else you will screw your own happiness.

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2. INFJ Personality Type – The Counselor

The INFJ personality type is sensitive towards other people’s feelings. They always lend a hand to people who need help because they are compassionate and empathetic. They are also good at reading people and can sense other people’s emotions. They have uncanny insight into people and situations.

INFJs can be difficult to understand for others, and that might cause them to be secretive, making them even more mysterious. They are very careful not to hurt anybody through their words and actions that they dismiss other people’s rudeness and irrationality to make them feel better.

INFJs always think more about what people may feel that they are ready to delay their own happiness for others.

3. INTJ Personality Type – The Mastermind

People with the INTJ personality type are ruthless when it comes to analyzing the usefulness of methods or ideas. While some other types would happily accept the argument that things have always been done in this way, INTJs would question and challenge the existing procedures.

They tend to question everything and find out the right answer for it. INTJ is always up for the challenge and I think that because of this they lose their interest pretty quickly when things are already resolved. This is how they slowly lose their own happiness.

4. ENFJ Personality Type – The Giver

ENFJ personality finds pleasure in the company of other people, but they also yearn for some time alone. This is due to their extroverted personality and intuitive character. An ENFJ should strive to find a balance between the two – to find enough time to reflect on things in their life, but also have time for other people.

When the ENFJ spends too much time alone, they have a tendency to feel depressed. When they spend too much time with others, they tend to feel overwhelmed and unable to process everything that has been on their mind. They need to be able to find time for themselves and time for others.

ENFJ also has a tendency to seek the approval of others too much and this is how they are fucking up their own happiness. Other people’s opinion matters to them too much than necessary; they have a need to feel that others think highly of them and that people think that they are as much of a good person as they are trying to be. They feel depressed once they found out that people don’t like them enough or don’t approve of them that makes them feel so low about themselves.

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