The Best Trait of Each MBTI Personality Type

The Best Trait of Each MBTI Personality Type

What’s the best trait of each MBTI Personality type? There are days when your self-esteem might take a hit, and you wonder how everyone else can have a perfect life and perfect personality.

The truth is, there is no perfect – and secretly, someone is in awe of you. Everyone has something unique to contribute to their partner, family, work, and community. You’ve got your thing, too! You may just need a reminder of your superpower. You can ask three friends what they love about you, or you gain insights about yourself using a well-researched personality instrument, like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

According to MBTI®, each type has a preferred way of gaining energy (Introverted or Extraverted), taking in information (Sensing or Intuition), making decisions (Feeling or Thinking), orienting to the world (Judging or Perceiving). These aspects of your personality are combined to create a 4-letter type.

There is no better or worse type. They all have strengths and growing edges. But, once you understand your type – and recognize the gifts you have to offer – you’ll feel better about yourself and improve your relationships with others, too.

These are the best traits of each MBTI personality type:

Best Trait of each MBTI Personality Test
Best Trait of each MBTI Personality Test


Your sense of duty is astounding. Others will let people down, but not you. You’re steady, reliable, and focused – determined to get any job done and meet your commitments.


No one listens better than you. You are conscientious and loyal, and you care deeply about how people feel. You remember the finest details about people and everyone you touch feels deeply cared for.


You are a sensitive, perceptive individual. You have an uncanny ability to read between the lines or find a hidden message. Guided by your strong values, you put your insights to work to understand people and help them appreciate themselves. People might even call you an empath.


You are an inquisitive factfinder, with the ability to develop visionary goals. When you use your gifts for identifying meaningful patterns, you can solve any complex problem.

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You exude a quiet confidence, yet your mind is continually processing information behind the scenes. You have a knack for wading through a lot of data, and if something is wrong, you’ll be the one to find it. You’re the go-to troubleshooter.


You have the capacity to experience immense joy. This is probably because of your artistic nature and appreciation of beauty everywhere you go. People can learn a lot from you about enjoying the moment.


One of the things people admire about you is your perseverance. You will face any challenge to realize your dreams, and you are deeply committed to helping others fulfill their potential, too.


You have a brilliant mind. Known as an idea person and deep thinker, you put your creative, scientific mind to help others. You’re going to solve an essential world problem one day with your big heart and intellect!


People are immediately attracted to your spontaneity and here-and-now approach to living. This quality lends itself well to crisis management. You’re there swooping in to take on any challenge on the spot and you get the job done all the while effectively pulling people together.

10. ESFP

You in a word: fun! You lift people up when they’re down, and you creatively make the most of any situation. People love being around you.

11. ENFP

Your warmth makes you irresistible, and you inspire people to dream big. Supportive and strategic in your approach, you convince others that lie is full of hope and possibilities.

12. ENTP

Your reasoning skills are unmatched, and you’re regularly challenging the status quo. You can stimulate conversations about important issues, prompt people to think differently and motivate action, and make people feel good at the same time.

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