How You Know You Have Recovered From Heartbreak

This Is How You Know That You Have Recovered From Heartbreak

Discover yourself after you have recovered from a heartbreak!

You know that your heart is finally back to you when you wake up in the morning and don’t search for a body that is sleeping next to you.

You don’t expect a text message that asks if you have eaten your lunch well. You don’t panic to come home to an empty house.

You don’t miss someone, or long for someone you know who’s always there.

Your heart has recovered from heartbreak when you don’t spend few moments of your day hiding behind a bathroom door, trying to dry your tears out, and convincing yourself that you’re going to be fine.

You have moved on when you can go back to the places you’ve spent incredible times with your former significant other, and feel nothing. You don’t feel any remorse, anger, regrets, sadness, and frustrations. You don’t feel as if the world is spinning around you.

Because you have freed yourself from the negative emotions that heartbreak and relationship fallouts give.

You have taken control of yourself, and you are careful enough not to lose it anymore. You have grown confident to weather any storm that comes along your way of finding love. You have learned to smile and laugh carelessly after experiencing horrible pain.

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You have known that recovering from heartache is one of the best feelings in the world.

It feels good

to put yourself out there again.

It feels good

to have casual conversation with someone and not worry whether you’re cheating against your significant other.

It feels good

to stay up all night somewhere, and not be concerned if you’re making someone upset for not going home early. It feels good to be single, and be like yourself again, without conforming to anyone’s standard, without trying to please someone.

It feels good

to have freedom, to spread your wings widely, beautifully, after a breakup.

And you deserve to reach places beyond your boundaries and expand your horizons.

You deserve to feel bright and to allow yourself to shine. You deserve to find a soul mate that will fight for you and stay by your side.

You deserve to receive genuine kisses and true words of affection. You deserve a love that makes your heart feel whole again.

You deserve a life with someone who gives you contentment and happiness. You deserve to heal, to forgive, to put the past behind you, to recover, to start fresh, and to love again.

You deserve more than the person who made you cry. You deserve more than heartbreak. You deserve more than times of dark clouds, and rainy seasons, and stormy weather.

You deserve to close your eyes, knowing that when you open them, someone loves you exactly for who you are.

There is someone always for you. So wait for that perfect man to arrive.

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Make sure that your heart has recovered from heartbreak and then go into another relationship.

Written by Angelo Caerlang

You Have Recovered From Heartbreak

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