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4 Things That Keep Men From Committing To You

things that keep men form commiting

Running from committing to a relationship is not a rare occurrence when it comes to a man. Deciding to settle down doesn’t happen overnight, for that one needs to understand the main reasons that keep men from promising ‘forever’. What keeps a man from committing to a relationship?

For a man to place two feet fully into a relationship, he needs to feel that certain key boxes are checked in his life.

When they aren’t, he won’t be able to feel a clear “Yes,” which may cause him to feel ambiguous and resistant around committing to a woman.

Based on the title of this article, you might think I’m about to talk about women’s side of things – or what it is about you that makes men wary. But it’s the exact opposite. This is not personal at all.

Because the biggest reasons that truly keep a man from being able to commit are largely within himself.

Yes, there has to be compatibility and attraction. But there are endless instances where those two components were there between two people, yet the man’s next step toward commitment just couldn’t seem to happen.

That’s because he needs to have specific things aligned and organized within his own life in order to feel fully open to a woman, and able to choose her – no matter how good of a fit she may be for him.

The following points are things that not all men are necessarily able to see at work within themselves. But with these in your awareness, you might be able to see through confusing situations and more easily recognize the truth of the matter, to tell whether a man is truly ready to commit, or not.

someone men just won't commit
4 Things That Keep Men From Committing To You

Also, a man’s readiness to commit is not a value judgment on how good of a man he is. Everyone is at different stages, and ready for different types of relationships.

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This is just speaking specifically to women who are seeking commitment and have been wondering why many men they date seem reluctant to reciprocate.

This is meant to help you better discern which men are the best fit for you, and, more importantly, not take it personally if they can’t choose to be with you.

So, Here Are The 4 Little-Known Common Reasons Why Men Just Won’t Commit To You, And They Go Deeper Than You MightExpect.

1. Their Lives Aren’t Ready For Commitment Yet

When I was younger, and struggling near the end of one of my relationships, I sat down to consult with an older male mentor to help me sort through my mental process.

I told him that I just wasn’t sure about this woman. I knew we were compatible in so many ways, and she loved me to death, but it didn’t feel right. And I began hypothesizing about all the qualities I thought I might need in a woman, and why it didn’t feel right to be in this relationship right now.

Then he said something that completely changed my perspective on relationships forever.

“Sometimes, the real question is not ‘Am I ready for this relationship?’ It’s ‘Am I ready for the relationship itself?’”

A wave of relief ran through my mind, as the echoes of his words rang with the truth somewhere deep inside of me.

I quickly came to see that he was right. It wasn’t about the woman herself. In fact, no matter who I was with at the time – no matter how aligned we were – I ultimately wouldn’t have been able to commit to her for more than a short period of time.

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