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Can You Ever Be ‘Okay’ Again Even After You’ve Lost Everything? 5 Signs

trust you will be okay no matter what

Life is a silly little maze where we don’t know what to expect at the next turn. While we can prepare all we want, life always throws something at us that we never expected. If you have been tired of countering life’s plans, stress, anxiety, and depression have probably taken over you by now. But you need to trust the universe that you will be okay. No matter what, you WILL be okay!

Life always comes with plot twists

you will be okay
Can You Ever Be ‘Okay’ Again Even After You’ve Lost Everything? 5 Signs

We all love to make plans. We love to list down things that we need and want to do. And check off each item as we do more and achieve more. We plan our day, our work, our relationships and our lives. But the thing is life doesn’t give a shit about our plans. Life ALWAYS has its own plans and catches us by surprise, taking us to places and putting us in situations we never imagined or expected. 

And it’s not a one time thing. There is a pattern to the uncertainties of life. Everytime you believe life is going one way, it suddenly changes track and throws you into uncharted territory, far far away from your comfort zone. 

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It’s not that we are unaware of the twisted games life plays with us. We are rather well aware of it. And that’s why we plan. We plan to control life. We take steps to build a life that is safe and “secure”. We build careers, relationships, goals and dreams so that we can tame life. We always try to stay a step ahead of these “uncertainties” of life because we are afraid that life might lead us to a place from where we might never be able to come back. 

From one traumatic experience to a beloved memory, life reveals numerous plot twists that keeps you hooked to the final reveal in the climax and you keep guessing till your last breath. I know it all sounds very depressing and morbid, but the uncertainties of life have hidden poetic beauty. 

So how can you know that you will be okay? 

Learn to let go.

And the moment you let go of your illusion of control and start to trust the universe, you finally start experiencing this beauty of life in every cell of your very being. And it is in this beauty that you realize you will be okay, cause life has its own way of giving us exactly what we need.

Can You Ever Be ‘Okay’ Again Even After You’ve Lost Everything? 5 Signs
Can You Ever Be ‘Okay’ Again Even After You’ve Lost Everything? 5 Signs

And what is it that we need? It’s not the corner office that you worked so hard for, it’s not the person you wanted to marry, it’s not the car you’ve been saving up to buy, it’s not the place on the top of your favorite travel destination. So what is that thing? 

Lessons and experiences that make your life worth living. 

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The illusion of control

We, as a species, love to control. Control everything – work, people, relationships, environment, ourselves, our future and even our lives. But due to our limited capacity to understand the grand scheme of the universe and our lack of self-awareness, we tend to overestimate how much we can actually control. This is the illusion of control that we have – believing we can change the outcome of events that are inherently uncontrollable. The harder we try to control the outcome of situations, the more desperate we become. We become superstitious and start doing things that throw us further away from our life path. 

But what we need to realize is that we cannot control life. We cannot control the outcome of a situation regardless of how hard we try. Simply because the universe is in full control of everything, including you and me. The ONLY things we can control are ourselves – our thoughts, our emotions, our behaviors, our actions and our reactions. That’s it.

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Can You Ever Be ‘Okay’ Again Even After You’ve Lost Everything? 5 Signs
Can You Ever Be ‘Okay’ Again Even After You’ve Lost Everything? 5 Signs

And this is where the need for letting go comes in. 

After going through a lot of crap in my own personal life, I finally learnt to let go. There were times when I had lost everything I had and yet I was too stubborn to let go of control. The harder I tried to control the outcome, the worst it got. The worst I felt. It is only when I was completely drained and exhausted and almost went off the deep end, that I realized control is nothing but an illusion and I finally let go.

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