10 Amazing Things That Happen When You Trust The Universe

10 Amazing Things That Happen When You Trust The Universe

Wonderful things that happen when you begin to trust the Universe

The law of attraction is a rather simple law. It’s the use of visualization to manifest the things in life that you want. In order to truly understand it, you must put a lot of work into it. No one is perfect at it, but these are signs you’ve learned to fully understand the laws of attraction.

10 Amazing Things That Happen When You Trust The Universe
10 Amazing Things That Happen When You Trust The Universe

1. You can see synchronicity.

Synchronicity is a fascinating thing. It is defined as the simultaneous occurrences of events that appear significantly related but don’t have a clear connection. This is the universe trying to send you messages, and if you see it, you’re getting the message.

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2. Having fun is a top priority.

You can’t hope to have a good, happy life without having some fun.

Hard work is important, but all work and no play makes Johnny a dull boy, right?

3. You don’t carry baggage.

Negative baggage doesn’t serve to do anything for us. It weighs us down and keeps us from reaching our fullest potential. If you’ve left your baggage behind, you’re on the right track.

4. You take the time to enjoy life.

It’s all about stopping and smelling the roses. Life isn’t a race. It’s about enjoying each moment and living life fully.

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5. You enjoy the company of others.

And it’s not just a superficial thing either. You deeply enjoy the presence of other people. Strangers get a smile and even people you don’t know that well get a hug.

6. You expect great things to happen.

This is a key part of the law of attraction.

You don’t fret about the future and expect the worst to come true.

In fact, you expect the best to come true! It leads you down a path of working hard and getting what you need.

7. You’re thankful.

The universe provides us a bounty, but universe giveth and universe taketh away.

Showing gratitude sends the right kind of energy out into the universe.

8. You keep things positive.

Petty gossip and nasty talk like that have no place in your life and it shouldn’t. Keeping things positive will keep positive things flowing.

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9. You go with the flow.

It’s an important lesson to realize that you, my friend, are not in control of everything. There are things in your life you have sway over, like what you’re doing and who you’re with, but that’s just about it. Go with the flow.

10. You take responsibility for your life and actions.

It’s all you have control over. And if you mess something up, it’s okay to admit it.

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10 Amazing Things That Happen When You Trust The Universe

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