The Narcissist’s One Trick That Can Keep Us Hooked Forever

 September 10, 2016

The Narcissist’s One Trick That Can Keep Us Hooked Forever

By Diana Jeffrey

Source: Textbook Narcissism  Via Ideaspots

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The Narcissist’s One Trick That Can Keep Us Hooked Forever

44 comments on “The Narcissist’s One Trick That Can Keep Us Hooked Forever

  1. OH MY GOD, this is my life story with my second husband. Looking back, it was all too quick. At the start, i was his world and he had never loved anyone like he loved me (idolise stage) with intermittant reinforcement for good measure. Always felt i had done something wrong to loose favour with him and make him feel insecure. Was with him for fourteen years and was crushed under his emotions. After my sister passed away in 2014 and his lack of empathy and decency toward me and my feelings i left in Sept 2014 to try and find me again.
    After leaving, the love bombing started, he said he was wrong in how he had treated me and my feelings in the past and that his life was empty without me in it and he couldnt function without me. Long story short, i thought maybe i had overthought his bad behaviour and if i could draw a line in the sand and start again, things could be better than ever. Didnt move back, but left the door open for him and we started seeing a counsellor in Feb 2015. The counsellor thought that most of the issues in the relationship were mine and i was too controlling. After three years of taking 2 steps forward and three steps back in the relationship, i came to the realisation that his whole life was and still is a lie. Even while we wer going thorough counsellling he was in a relationship with at least two other women both sexual and emotional. I was meant to be ok with that because i couldn’t meet his sexual needs. Went no contact 1st May 2017 . It’s probably the hardest thing i have ever had to do. Have good days and bad days and some soul destroying days, usually if i let my demons tell me that maybe i’m the problem and i should be more forgiving. Like i said, my life is still a work in progress and i am looking foward to the day i don’t second guess my choices.

  2. This article really hits home. I relate to every word of this. Great article and so true.
    After over 8 years of that abuse, I am now on my fourth month of the no contact policy… and completely done. It’s the only way, and hopefully time will be kinder to me, as my whole life was broken to bits, and I am still picking up the pieces, one by one.

    If you are in a situation like this… Get out sooner than later… “What you allow will continue”…

  3. COMMENTQuite the memory the fucking cunt, Karma surrounds these Monsters. They will get theirs, I hope and pray I get to see My Memory play ‘chicken’ with an 18 wheeler, or something equal as bloody/fatal!!!

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