How Narcissists Make You Physically Sick and 5 Ways To Restore Your Health

Narcissists Make You Physically Sick

Did you know that apart from emotionally depleting you, narcissists can make you physically sick too with their toxicity, and vicious nature?

Narcissists make you sick. Very sick. The reason is because you are being attacked emotionally within the very essence of your Being.

As a result of your traumatized emotions, and the biochemical processes that get set off within you, other aspects of your life will start to break down considerably – including your health.

Sadly, when people get very sick as a result of narcissistic abuse, they don’t know what to do to get well.

Narcissists Make You Physically Sick

People ask all the time, “Is it possible for somebody to make me get this sick?”

Can their behavior bring on such things as fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue, and PTSD, and even more serious illnesses?

The answer is yes. If you hang out with people who are sick, which narcissists are, you get sick.

Narcissism is like a gaping black hole that gobbles up energy, health, and resources from people. It literally sucks the Life Force out of your soul, which means that initially emotionally you become significantly affected and traumatized, and then all aspects of your life, including your health, start to break down substantially.

In Steps 1 to 4, we are going to set up the platform for you to have emotional well-being. Because this is essential if you are going to get well.

And then in Step 5, we’ll look at the additions, that even though they are not a healing solution in and of themselves, will supplement your emotional healing powerfully.

Here Is How You Can Restore Your Health If A Narcissist Makes You Physically Sick

Step Number 1: Detach

It is impossible to get well when you are still ingesting the poison that is making you sick.

The more that you try to get a crazy person to act sanely, the more ridiculous and abusive things get. You can’t create safety and health with a disordered person.

The first essential step is to stop trying to get decency, clemency, or compassion. Those commodities are not going to come from a narcissist. The only hope that you have of restoring your health is to pull away and stay away.

For No Contact (or Modified Contact such as in the case of co-parenting) to be effective, you really need to understand what it means.

No Contact, physically, is not enough.

Narcissistic abuse is a psychic phenomenon. Even if you are implementing No Contact with a narcissist, the abuse lives on inside you like a terrible virus. In fact, after leaving, you will go through what is known as “after-shock”. This is when all of the abuse from the past has a chance to catch up and hit you like a freight train.

Also, you will be feeling the incredibly addictive and withdrawal pulls of the peptide addiction that your body has been receiving regular doses of.

Many people and I went through this as well, report that after leaving the narcissist the terror and the pain is worse than ever. This is all of the trauma that has been impregnated into your Inner Being rising up to the surface. Until this is addressed you may literally feel like you are losing your mind.

But I promise you that it doesn’t need to be this way!

This is why Step Number 1, pulling away and creating No Contact, is only the beginning of what you really need to do to get well.

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Step Number 2: Take Your Focus Off the Narcissist and Onto Yourself

This is a counterintuitive step, yet vital in the recovery of your health.

Narcissists are a law unto themselves and energetically feed off our fear and pain. The more terrified you are, and in deep pain and disbelief about what he or she has done or can do, the more you feed the problem, rather than become the solution.

An important shift is needed here, rather than keeping your focus on, “What has happened to me or what could happen to me via this person in the future”, you need to focus on, “What parts of myself can I turn inwards to with love, and heal, to bring me back to wholeness?”

And … “What parts of myself were assigning and hanging on to this person as my source of love, approval, security, and survival, instead of being healed and solid and powerful as these commodities to myself?”

And, “What parts of myself were handing my power away, instead of living aligned to my values, rights, and truth?”

This second step is so vital. It is all about a powerful evolutionary shift from staying and remaining a victim powerless to change other people in order to change your own life, into becoming an evolving Master of your life by deeply doing the inner healing work.

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  1. Hello i cant say my name but been with a narcissist for 13yrs. The whole aspects for a relationship with one is unrealistic and a nightmare. Youre words are so true its so hard to be this person and be at his will when he called.i was always apologizing and made to think i was just horrible to around and i should be grateful i had him. We hsd a lot of good times to but now i am just so bedside myself and just wish to wake up already. I had a visitor come by and she told me that i was to listen and understand what I was about to hear. People have a there accounts hacked and money was stolen and charhes were filled. I said oh ok im sorry he is like this but she hushed me. It was your email thst was used and you email name. Everything was put for you to take the fall if it were to happen. I was just scared and not sute wjat was about to happen and she let out the most horrid part ever. My ip was pinged when interning a room and it only pings for bad unlawful sites. He was on child porn. On my phone ip. This was just to much i coukdnt stand up to much longer. On my ip and my identity looking at babies. Just a feeling I just csnt explain. Taking up to much just got to talk to someone. He wasn’t done there he took my real phone and has cloned it and put all of it on me and wiped computer’s. I came home and I went to swinging like a mad person to get out.He then plays dumb and says he doesn’t know what im talking about. He left them thankfully. Im ok they have many witnesses thst seen him and they no hes a guy pretending to be a women. Anyways thats my story. Sorry for taking up so much. Thanks for let me share

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