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7 Traits That Make You A Prime Victim of A Narcissist

Traits That Make You A Prime Victim of A Narcissist

Here’re are signs that you are a victim of a narcissist but you don’t know.

Narcissists have a hard time figuring out that other people matter as much as they do. Their entire world revolves around them and they genuinely believe that they are the center of the world for others as well. They do not have any empathy for others. They can’t think of the needs of others, much less fulfill them.

They are the takers, who only believe in using others to get what they want. A relationship with them is immensely draining, because they only demand, never returning the favor. They are also adept at manipulating others and do it with fervor. They know which buttons to push to get what they want. And the worst part is, they do not hesitate to do it even if they know that it will cause harm to the other person.

Their one motive in life is to fulfill their own desires and anyone who gets sacrificed for their desires is just collateral.

And to do so they choose their victims very carefully. It is not just any random person that they zero in on to fulfill their desires. They know what kind of person would be easier to manipulate and to what extent. They know this all very well because they have done it all through their life.

Here is the one-stop checklist that they refer to while looking for the next person they can benefit from. Read on to know how you become the victim of a narcissist and let us know if you can relate to it.

Checklist Point 1 

Someone who is emotionally vulnerable

First and foremost they look for someone who is emotionally vulnerable. They know it is easier to feed off someone who feels they are lacking in some way or the other. It is easier to manipulate a person who is willingly investing themselves emotionally into you. They would act like they can fill the gap of whatever this person is feeling. They will make the person emotionally dependent on them so that they know he/she is not going anywhere. And after giving this false sense of security, they’d be safe to do whatever they please.

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Checklist Point 2

Someone Who Is Looking For Superficial Expressions of Love

They look for people who are into superficial expressions of love. Those who are looking for their prince charming because their idea of what love means relies heavily on what popular media presents to us. Real love is scarce, if ever, as glittery and shiny as seen in the movies and books. But those who can’t look beyond these things become easy targets for the abuser to exploit and end up as victims of a narcissist. Because for them, it is easier to replicate these false notions. They can easily pretend to be whatever is on the screen because they are simply pretending. They do not care what love really means. And so they’ll make the grandest gestures to sweep their prey off their feet, just to ensure they are completely in their trap. Are you too much into the reel life love than that of real life? Then, you’re highly likely to be a victim of a narcissist.

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Checklist Point 3

Someone from whom they can derive some gains

They only focus on people from whom they can derive some gains. Make no mistake about it; they will never make any acquaintance which does not benefit them in one way or the other. They actively look for individuals from whom they can benefit and then target them. Anyone who can be of use to them in one way or the other will be a potential target. And they don’t make any qualms about it. In fact, they are pretty proud of themselves for having the insight to know which people would be more useful than the rest.

Checklist Point 4

Someone who lets them play the victim card

Another very crucial thing they need for everything to work in their favor is someone who lets them play the victim card again and again. Their manipulation will not work on someone who is smart enough to look through their pretense. Also, someone who wouldn’t hesitate on calling them out on their bullshit. Being with a Narcissist is like a never-ending marathon because you cannot ever rest. You have to always make yourself available for their every whim and fantasy. And anyone who is smart enough to see this will obviously not be willing to let themselves be played within such a manner.

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Checklist Point 5

Someone who lacks self-worth


They thrive off on people who lack self-worth. Even though not many people would like to agree with it, the fact is that many of us are extremely vulnerable in this respect. Even if we manage to put on a splendid show for the rest of the world to see, in the dark recesses of our mind we feel that we are lacking something very important. Those who don’t think that they are enough would do anything to please someone who gives them the slightest encouragement. Then they will do anything and everything to please this person, who seems to give them approval. They are so hungry for approval that they’d do things that they might not agree with under different circumstances and end up being a victim of a narcissist.

Checklist Point 6

Someone who wants to heal other people

Another type that the Narcissists targets are those who think they are capable of mending and healing others. There are many people who feel that they are the only ones who can redeem or rectify others who have strayed. Or who think only their love is capable enough to bring a person out of his/her misery. These people are exceptionally easy for the Narcissist to exploit. Because in front of such people, they can be their worst self and it will only spur these people, even more, to try and ‘save them’.

Checklist Point 7

Someone who is too trusting and has poor boundaries

They can easily use people who are too trusting. Naive and gullible people are those who will let them in very easily and show their most vulnerable points and give them the key to exploit them. And the Narcissist will exploit them, without even an iota of guilt. They don’t care about the feelings of these people, in their eyes, they are just fools who deserve everything that is being done to them. If you have poor boundaries, then you are the prime victim of a narcissist.

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The world is not as good and just as we’d like to believe it is. There are people who will throw even their loved ones under the bus as long as it serves their selfish purpose. Do not trust anyone blindly and look out for signs which might indicate if a person is a narcissist.

Are you a victim of a narcissist? Leave your thoughts in comments if you found the post helpful.

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