8 Most Googled Relationship Questions Of 2021 (With Answers!)


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most googled relationship questions

Google is like the ‘wise old man who lives on the top of a mountain’ of the digital era. It knows everything about everything and if you want the truth it will provide you the answers you seek, even about your relationship. So here are the most-Googled relationship questions of 2021. Have you searched for these?

My old pal, Google

I don’t know about you, but I don’t often make the best decisions when it comes to relationships. I make mistakes, I screw things up and then I try my best to patch things up.

And in this process, I often find myself confused about what exactly I should do to nourish my relationship and show my partner that I truly love her. And so to clear up my confusion, I turn to Google – the all-knowing, almighty giver of the best relationship advice. 

Just like Courage The Cowardly Dog, most of us tend to ‘Google’ everything these days. It’s like the best friend we always think about when we need some answers. And like a true best friend, Google always gives us the answer we need, whether we like it or not.

So it’s a no-brainer that we turn to Google to navigate through our relationship woes and find the best way forward for ourselves and our relationships. Yes, we should talk to trusted family and friends or consult a therapist for some good and genuine relationship advice, but ol’ reliable Google gives us the answers on-demand.

So no matter what love advice you are seeking or how weird, personal or questionable your query might be, you can always ask your old friend Google, just like millions of other people asking the same questions from around the world.

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So what love advice do people seek online? Let’s find out.

Most-Googled relationship questions of 2021

Relationship dynamics have changed drastically for most of us ever since the pandemic hit. It’s no wonder we are looking for more relationship advice now than ever before and Google is undoubtedly our go-to search engine to access collected online wisdom.

So what did we ask Google about our messy & complicated relationships over the past year? According to a recent analysis by CenturyLinkQuote, the following are the most searched relationship questions asked by Americans in 2021 based on Google’s search volume data –

1. Question: How to break up?

Let’s face it, 2021 took a toll on the best of us and hit our relationships hard. It is no surprise that several Americans found themselves asking this dreaded question. Breakups are never easy and in this post-pandemic era, it felt like pouring hot oil on your already burning heart. So “how to break up?” was one of the most-Googled relationship questions of 2021.

most-googled relationship questions of 2021
8 Most Googled Relationship Questions Of 2021 (With Answers!)

What’s the answer?

So what is the solution to this most searched relationship question? Breaking up with a romantic partner is a complicated process. The longer and deeper your relationship is, the harder it can be.

That doesn’t mean short-term relationships are easier to end. Regardless, the best…umm, the most effective (but painful) way is to openly communicate the way you feel about your partner and your relationship.

Sit down with your partner and talk to them honestly. Be empathic and avoid being brutal. Instead of talking about all the wrongs they have done in the relationship, talk about how the relationship makes you feel.

Be positive, have clear objectives and good intentions. Expect your partner to react in a negative way, but be assertive yet kind. Although it will be painful initially, in the long run it will be the best way forward for both of you. 

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2. Question: How to get over a breakup?

This one from the most-Googled relationship questions of 2021 is obvious if you are thinking about breaking up or already have. The analysis found that over 6 states in the US were busy asking Google about how they can move on from a past relationship and get over their ex. If you are one of them, here’s the answer to one of the most-Googled relationship questions of 2021.

What’s the answer?

Dealing with a breakup is never easy and there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Although we all deal with heartbreak and separation in our own way, there are ways to ease the pain of a recent breakup. Start by acknowledging your emotions, be patient and take some time out.

Make sure to be actively social and spend more time with your loved ones, stay busy with your work and hobbies, take good care of your health, and avoid rebounds, alcohol and recreational drugs to ease your pain. 

You should also learn to let go and avoid seeking closure.

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3. Question: Best dating apps?

I was kind of expecting this to turn up in the list of most-Googled relationship questions of 2021. Whether you have recently broken up or just trying to deal with loneliness, dating casually is a good way to bring back some excitement into your life.

And what better way to find and meet someone interesting than online? According to data, people from more than five North American states asked Google about what the best dating apps are.

What’s the answer?

So what are the best dating apps that can help you meet someone you may actually like dating? With over 1500 dating apps available, we are bound to get confused about which ones to use and which to avoid. The most popular and downloaded dating apps include –

  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • OKCupid
  • Hinge
  • eHarmony
  • Her
  • Feeld
  • Hinge
  • Badoo
  • Grindr
  • Raya
  • Match

In fact, Tinder was the most downloaded dating app in the US in 2021.

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4. Question: How to kiss?

Would you have guessed this as one of the most-Googled relationship questions of 2021? Although all of us tend to naturally know how to kiss someone we like or actually love, it is amusing to see that many people want to learn to kiss their partners better. In fact, people from over 32 US states, including Alaska, have asked Google to share tips to smooch someone.

The purity of a Kiss.
8 Most Googled Relationship Questions Of 2021 (With Answers!)

What’s the answer?

Kissing can often be awkward especially if it’s your first kiss or dating someone new or been in a relationship for a long time and want to spice things up. Kissing-related tips can not only help you learn the art of kissing but also help you set the mood and pave the way to lock lips with your lover. Here are some tips for a passionate, romantic kiss –

i. Always ask for consent first

Asking “Can I kiss you?” is one of the most romantic moves as it shows you respect your partner.

ii. Realize that setting is important.

Make sure that you wait for the perfect moment when both of you feel a passionate energy. This is the key to a kiss filled with electricity.

iiii. Have fresh breath 

If you want to visit smoochville then having a fresh breath is your passport. No one wants to kiss someone who stinks at their mouth. Ewww. This is very important when answering one of the most-Googled relationship questions of 2021.

 iv. Focus on your partner

A good kiss happens only when both partners’ expectations are met. So make sure to talk about it first, understand how they want to do it and if you feel confused, just follow what they do when kissing you.

v. Take it easy

Follow your natural instincts and let your heart make the move. Don’t overthink it. It’s not an exam you need to study for. Just take it slow and keep things simple. Make sure to use your tongue sparingly, bite gently if you have to, avoid nibbling and keep your hands in all the right places. Most of all, follow your instincts.

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5. Question: When to say “I love you”?

The three magical words or the three scariest words? No matter which side you are on, saying “I love you” to your partner for the first time can be exciting and anxiety-inducing. Perhaps this is why it is one of the top most-Googled relationship questions of 2021.

People from North Carolina, New Jersey and two other states have asked Google about the best time to say these three beautiful words to their partner.

What’s the answer?

As each relationship is unique like each of us, the right time to say “I love you” will vary from person to person. However if you are keen on expressing your love, then make sure that –

  • You are absolutely clear about how you feel about your partner
  • You know them very well and accept them as they are
  • You have been dating for a while
  • You are totally excited about saying it

However, you should not say it too early or too late in the relationship. When the time is right, you will know it in your heart.

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6. Question: Does he like me?

With the pandemic forcing us to live our lives online, it has become increasingly difficult to read our crush’s body language and understand if they have feelings for us. Hence, many people across the United States and the world have turned to Google to get the doubts clear and guess the answer to “Does he like me?”

What’s the answer?

How do we answer one of the most-Googled relationship questions of 2021? The best way to know if a guy really likes you is by observing if he tries the following –

  • Tries to impress you more than usual
  • Gives you adequate attention
  • Remembers small details about you
  • Looks nice every time he meets with you
  • Wants to spend more time with you 
  • Wants to be physically close to you
  • Gets jealous of your other male friends
  • Listens to what you have to say

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7. Question: When to text back?

With our growing dependence on smartphones and restrictions brought on by the pandemic, texting has become the primary mode of communication for most of us.

Although the rules for texting are obvious when it comes to work, family and friends, the game of texting may be a little more complicated when it comes to love and attraction. No one wants to seem too desperate or wants to be too available. 

And this is why numerous Americans have asked Google when is the best time to text your crush back, making it one of the most Googled relationship questions 2021.

Most googled relationship based questions
8 Most Googled Relationship Questions Of 2021 (With Answers!)

What’s the answer?

There is no definitive answer to this most searched relationship question as different relationship experts suggest different time spans when suggesting how long one should wait before replying back to their text. Here are your options according to experts –

  • Reply within one to three hours or the conversation will lose spark
  • Reply within 5 minutes with a witty text to get his/her attention & keep the conversation flowing
  • Reply after 2-3 days to show you have a busy life and not waiting for their text

How long you will actually wait to text back mainly depends on you and the chemistry you share with your crush.

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8. Question: How to make a long distance relationship work?

This question became kind of obvious ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit and kept us from being with our boos. Although most couples strongly faced the trials of social distancing and built a stronger relationship; others weren’t so lucky, especially those who live far away from their lovers for unavoidable reasons.

As more and more couples questioned the validity of their relationship, they turned to Google for answers and asked how to make their long distance relationship (LDR) work. After all, no one wants to lose the person they love.

What’s the answer?

Most people in LDRs have been asking this question, making it one of the most frequently asked questions about relationship. It is believed that long distance relationships typically don’t work in the long run, and rightly so.

Around 45% of LDRs end up in breakups after about 4-5 months. However, there are some tricks and tips to keep the spark and the love alive, such as –

  • Communicate a lot. Talk for at least 30 minutes every day in the morning and at night
  • Meet with your partner in person at every opportunity you get
  • Share your day with your lover in real time by sharing selfies and videos
  • Be romantic over video calls
  • Plan for events, vacations and trips frequently
  • Always check in with how your partner is feeling
  • Be open to sexting. Avoid single word texts. Share more when texting.
  • Avoid taking things personally
  • Be realistic and have clear goals and expectations from the relationship
  • Keep things fresh, interesting and exciting

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Google’s most searched relationship questions

Now that we know about the most Googled relationship based questions of 2021, let’s have a quick look at the top most Googled relationship questions from the last few years –

  • What does a healthy relationship look like?
  • How to get out of a toxic relationship?
  • How to know if your relationship is over?
  • How can I save my relationship?
  • What is a poly relationship?
  • What is an open relationship?
  • How can you build trust in a relationship?
  • What is ghosting?
  • Should you have sex on the first date?
  • Should I date a colleague?
  • What is gaslighting?
  • What is breadcrumbing?
Healthy Vs. Unhealthy Relationships.
8 Most Googled Relationship Questions Of 2021 (With Answers!)

What have you been Googling?

Google is an important part of our lives and whether we like it or not, we do turn to Google for information and answers. So it’s no surprise that we ask the almighty Google for our relationship problems as well.

Although Google may have all the right answers for us, it is on us to put in the effort and build our relationship by sorting out the issues and showing our partners how much we truly love them.

What did you ask Google about your relationship in 2021? Let us know by commenting below.

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most googled relationship questionspin
8 Most Googled Relationship Questions Of 2021 (With Answers!)
most googled relationship questions pin
8 Most Googled Relationship Questions Of 2021 (With Answers!)

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