Stop Texting Your Ex ‘Happy Birthday’ – Here Are 5 Reasons Why!


Stop Texting Your Ex Happy Birthday: Important Reasons

Have you found yourself scrolling through Snapchat memories, thinking of texting your ex happy birthday? You think to yourself, can sending a simple “Happy Birthday” text hurt? But don’t be fooled by temptation – it’s never a good idea.

Life is full of ups and downs, but some things are better left alone. Making contact with them on their special day could stir up old emotions and put you in a tough place.

It not only opens doors to issues but also sends mixed signals, confuses both parties involved, and even more so can bring back haunting memories that should stay in the past.

Why Texting Your Ex Happy Birthday Is A Bad Idea?
dont text your ex happy birthday

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Why Texting Your Ex Happy Birthday Is A Bad Idea?

1. It’s going to open a whole new world of emotions

A birthday message would be harmless if it weren’t for the emotional baggage that gets stirred up in the process. Birthdays are already an emotional time, one filled with happiness and nostalgia.

But sending a simple greeting could cause havoc with both parties emotionally. This little sentiment could easily open a box of never-ending feelings – leaving both people stuck dwelling on what was instead of living in the present.

2. They will confuse you with their signals

Saying happy birthday to your ex might as well be like contacting someone from another planet – no matter how clear you think you’re being, they’ll never understand fully what you meant by it.

A simple message as such can be misinterpreted in numerous ways because this person knows your intentions deep down inside… or do they? The situation would just lead to overthinking which ultimately will lead to miscommunication which leads us nowhere.

3. The ghosts from the past will come back and haunt you

Two people never break up without reason, and although we try to forget about those reasons… sometimes we do. Whatever the case may be though, it’s most likely for the best.

Out of all the days of the year, their birthday will remind you that this person was once very close to you. It’s a weird feeling when you’re closer than ever before but still not even close enough to say happy birthday in person… Don’t let it get to your head! Stay home and work on yourself instead of dwelling on old memories.

4. They might give you the cold shoulder

Avoiding you on a special day especially when they are your ex is tough. When you message them, the silence or a cold “thanks” can be damaging. It’s better to protect yourself and anticipate unnecessary disappointments from someone who no longer wants you in their life.

5. It might slowdown your healing process

Breakups are hard, and it takes time to heal. One one the reasons why texting your ex is a bad idea is that it might reopen old wounds.

That innocent birthday text might seem like nothing but it’ll cause more harm than good. Texting your ex will do nothing but set you back in the healing process. Keep pushing forward until they’re just a closed chapter in your story.

Texting your ex happy birthday could end up becoming an emotional rollercoaster. You might feel good for a bit, but then that feeling gets snuffed out by the pain of being rejected.

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You’ll get mixed signals that might give you false hope, but let me tell you now, there isn’t any at all. Keep moving forward without them in your life and with someone who appreciates you more! Better things are ahead.

So, dont text your ex happy birthday, no matter how much you want to!

why texting your ex is a bad idea

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