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The Kind Of Mom You Are Based On Your Love Language

Kind Of Mom You Are Based Love Language

Everyone has their own love language, or in other words, a primary love language. You must be thinking that your love language is only limited to your romantic life, but what if I told you that you can know what kind of a mom you are based on your love language? Surprised? Well, don’t be!

Your love language doesn’t just determine what kind of partner or spouse you will be, it can also express itself in your motherly duties and affection. Your mother love language can speak a lot about who you are not just as a mother, but also your parenting skills and what you believe motherhood is.

So, what is your love language as a mother? And what kind of a mom you are based on your love language? In order to know that, it might be a good idea to understand the 5 love languages first,

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What Are The 5 Love Languages?

1. Quality Time

People who have Quality Time as their love language love it when they get to spend a lot of uninterrupted time with their loved ones. Attentive listening, genuine eye contact, and undivided attention characterize this love language.

2. Receiving Gifts

You like getting gifts from the people you love, and being pampered makes your heart sing with joy. However, this doesn’t mean you always have to be pampered with expensive things, or that you’re a materialistic person. For you, it’s the thought that counts; be it an expensive watch or a rose that your partner got for you on the way home from work, it’s the gesture that matters to you.

3. Words Of Affirmation

If Words Of Affirmation is your love language, then you are someone who thrives on positive reinforcement and kind words. Words of appreciation, expressing affection, compliments, and verbal encouragement matter to you. Showing genuine affection and appreciating you makes you feel loved, safe, and supported.

4. Physical Touch

If your love language is Physical Touch then you are someone who feels loved when they experience physical affection like hugs, cuddles, snuggles, kissing, holding hands, and sex. Physical intimacy is very important to you, and makes you feel affirmed, and helps you feel connected to your partner.

5. Acts Of Service

Having Acts of Service as your love language means that you love it when your partner or spouse goes out of their way to do things for you, especially if it makes your life easier. It may be making you breakfast in the morning if you are late for work, getting the laundry done if you had a hectic day, or getting the kids ready for school if you’re sick. For you, actions speak louder than words and every gesture like this makes you feel special and taken care of.

If you want to know more about the 5 love languages and want to know which one is yours, then check this out here.

Read on to know what kind of a mom you are based on your love language.

The Kind Of Mom You Are Based On Your Love Language
The Kind Of Mom You Are Based On Your Love Language

This Is The Kind Of Mom You Are Based On Your Love Language

1. Words Of Affirmation

The kind of mom you are based on your love language, if it’s Words Of Affirmation, then you are someonewho always believes in being their kid’s biggest cheerleader. You know the power of positive reinforcement and encouragement, and you leave no stone unturned to make sure they know their potential. Motivating, inspiring, and encouraging your children to give their best in everything they do is the ideal way to bolster their talent.

Getting a good grade on a test or winning a debate competition makes you feel proud of them, and you always make sure they know that. However, make sure that you never overdo it, as too much encouragement can lead to your kids becoming spoilt and entitled.

As a parent, it’s very important to strike a balance between making your kids confident and spoiling them. Additionally, don’t make them feel that their self-worth and your approval and validation of them are only rooted in their achievements and accomplishments. Feel proud of what they accomplish but try not to make them feel that they are only a sum of their accomplishments.

the kind of mom you are based on your love language
The Kind Of Mom You Are Based On Your Love Language
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