Top 50 Hobby Ideas For Men

hobby ideas for men

36. Graffiti Art is also one of the most exciting hobbies for men to pursue, especially for those who are into creativity and art.

37. Ever wanted to make a movie? Them filmmaking can be great for you. With digital cameras and editing software becoming cheaper by the day, you can easily make some short films and post them on YouTube or go to a short film event.

38. Learning to play the guitar is a pretty manly thing to do. It can be a great source of enjoyment and women love a man who can play the guitar. 

39. Do you sing in the shower? Then singing is a great hobby for you to start. Singing not only improves your mood but is also an effective stress reliever and improves sleep.

Singing Reduces Feelings of Depression and Anxiety

40. Fishkeeping is an interesting hobby that became really popular during the 1950s. You can easily get a fishbowl with a goldfish or you can choose a bigger aquarium with exotic fish.

41. Start an online class. If you ever wanted to learn something new, then this digital age is the best time to get started. Online learning platforms like EdX and Coursera offer a variety of online classes on a wide range of subjects.

42. If you are more into physical challenges, then participating in obstacle courses and adventure races might be one of the hobbies for men you can try. Obstacle races are super fun and thrilling, plus it makes you a lot fitter and physically active. This is the reason why American Ninja Warrior is so popular.

43. Learning to be a blacksmith is also a cool thing to try. It is the ancient technique of forging metal into useful items.

44. Public speaking is the most helpful and useful skill you can learn. It will help you be a better presenter and share your ideas with everyone.

45. Gadget reviewer is a fun thing to do as you get to explore and play with the latest tech and devices and rate the best ones.

46. Woodworking is another fun hobby that allows you to carve and shape wood into useful items.

47. You can also start home brewing and make your own beer at home.

48. Graphic designing is another exciting skill to learn that can help you create art digitally.

49. Lock picking is an interesting and unique skill you can learn that includes a sense of thrill, challenge and adventure.

50. Tattooing is a good way to express your creativity and make beautiful permanent art on someone’s body.

51. No list of manly hobbies can ever be complete without fishing. If you find traditional fishing with a line too tedious, then you can try out spear-fishing

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Live Life To The Fullest

There you have it! 

The ultimate list of hobbies for men that make you feel manly and add passion and zest to your life. Instead of wasting anymore time in front of the TV, it’s time you get up and live your best life. Cause that’s what men do. 

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    I am 68. For years I have enjoyed playing guitar. I’m pretty good at it, and I used to perform with my pals in a band, and played for my own enjoyment. Lately, I have developed Carpal tunnel syndrome, which leaves my Right thumb, forefinger, and middle finger totall without feeling. I don’t want surgery. According to the research I’ve done, it may not be as effective as I’d like. Braces and exercises have not helped me at all. Now what?

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