25+ Fun Things To Do When You’re Bored At Home

Fun Things To Do When You’re Bored At Home

Stuck inside? Feeling bored out of your mind? Boredom can make your mind blank and drain all your energy making you feel ‘blah’. Here are some fun activities to lift your mood.

Boredom is… Boring!

When you’re alone and stuck in your home, it is normal to feel bored and frustrated. As you find yourself running out of things to do around the house, feeling bored can quickly become tortuous. Killing time becomes a real challenge and it seems like your mind has gone completely blank. You don’t find the energy to do anything and you procrastinate everything. It starts to affect your mood as you feel more fidgety, anxious and agitated by being stuck at home with limited resources.

Boredom “is a deeply unpleasant state of “unmet arousal: you are aroused rather than despondent, but, for one or more reasons, your arousal cannot be met or directed,” says Neel Burton M.D.

Moreover, it “may trigger frustration or potentially depressed feelings, depending on task autonomy,” revealed a 2018 study. It is a feeling of dissatisfaction and frustration which makes you feel empty inside. 

When you feel extremely bored it can lead to physical symptoms like exhaustion and fatigue. Neel adds “People prone to boredom are also prone to mental disorders such as depression, overeating, substance misuse and dependence, and gambling.

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What to do when bored

“The best cure for boredom is to make sure you have regular new challenges and interesting things to do so one incident won’t throw you off too much,”explains Marcia Reynolds Psy.D. If you find yourself extremely bored at home and can’t think of anything to kill time, then here are some fun, productive and creative ideas for you to counter boredom when stuck at home:

1. Learn something new

When you can’t find anything to do, then the best thing you can do is learn a new skill or a language. Although you may be an expert in your own field of interest that doesn’t mean there isn’t something you want to learn. There are a lot of areas that you can expand your knowledge about and gain mastery for both professional and personal development. There are a number of platforms that offer free online courses and help you learn something new. Some leading online learning platforms include:

2. Exercise 

Yes, you’ve heard it before. And yes, you really need to get started. Don’t let boredom make you lazy and unhealthy. Now that you have a flexible schedule, you can use this time to start working out at home. You can do some body-weight training, cardio or even Zumba. In a Forbesarticle, Heather R Morgan writes “You don’t need the gym to do exercise. Squats and ab workouts can be done without any equipment almost anywhere. Cans of food can become weights if you don’t have workout equipment. It’s so important to keep exercising to keep your immune system strong, especially if you’re not leaving the house to stretch your legs.

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3. Clean your house

When you are trapped at home with a lot of time to kill, then cleaning your house can not only be practical and hygienic, it can also make you feel satisfied and accomplished. Instead of regular cleaning, opt for a full deep cleaning of your house. Clean all your rooms, organize the fridge, clean out the kitchen and bathrooms, declutter your space, manage overflowing cupboards and closets. Do everything you can to make sure your home is free from dirt, pests, bacteria and viruses.

4. Watch TED Talk videos

TED talksare an excellent way to spend your time when stuck at home. TED talks are insightful and enlightening video lectures on various topics from global leaders and experts posted by TED (technology, entertainment, design). These videos can not only expand your knowledge but help you realize a lot of things about yourself and your life on a personal level.

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