16 Fun Things To Do To Fight Boredom During Lockdown and Self Isolation

16 Fun Things To Do To Fight Boredom During Lockdown and Self Isolation

Are you wondering when will this quarantine period end? Well, it’s still a long way to go! Worrying about the future will fetch you nothing. So, live in the present and relax. Sure, it’s difficult to stay at home not going to the gym, pubs, malls or movie theaters or stalk your crush. No matter how hard it seems, there are ways to have fun and fight boredom during lockdown and self-isolation.

16 Fun Things To Do Besides Freak Out About The Coronavirus

1. Fun with kids

fun with kids

Art and crafts are the best ways to help out your bored kids during the quarantine. Aside from killing time, it can benefit them in several ways. Some of them are the development of fine motor skills, increase in dexterity,  boost creativity and self-esteem, improves memory, psychophysical well-being and flexibility.

Some simple, interesting and cost-effective art and craft ideas are –

  1. Star wars crafts like Jawa Doll, Bantha Toy, Yoda Easter Egg, Princess Leia Ear Muffs, etc.
  2. Game of Thrones DIYs like Dragon eggs, Cork Map of Westeros, sigil badges, etc
  3. Harry Potter crafts like – Mini Snitch Pens, Feather Quill Pens, Wizard style wooden letters, etc.

Besides kids, parents too can participate in easy and fun craft activities like – making of  Recycled tin can windsocks, Tissue paper streamer rainbows, Bubble painting, Tie-dye sharpie bookmarks, storage jars, and so on.

2. Get gaming

Coronavirus quarantine is the right time to pick up a gaming console. So, wait no more! Get Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now online. Make sure to arrange all the accessories. Among the new releases, Warzone and DOOM Eternal are tough as nails and can keep you engaged for a long time.

By the way, when was the last time you played an intense board game with family? Why not start again? It’s a great idea for those not so tech-savvy and wants to have fun with the family members and create cherishable memories. Play together to fight boredom during the lockdown.

Here’s the funny side of Quarantine just to ease your anxiety. Watch the video:

3. Enjoy virtual pubs online

Are you missing that cocktail hour with friends?

Well, now you can have beer and vodka at your house and enjoy video conferencing. Get an unlimited internet pack from the money you saved on going to pubs and offices. Invite your friends and neighbors using sites like  Zoom, Houseparty app so that you don’t feel alone.

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It’s also a great way to give the company to those suffering from isolation and loneliness in different parts of the area, city or state. Though you can’t share meals, you can smile, laugh, talk and reduce anxiety.

Be careful not to double your alcohol consumption! 

4. Clean the clutter

Do you know SARS-CoV-2 can survive for up to 16 hours on some surfaces? Our life is too busy to clean our house on a daily basis. But, coronavirus lockdown gives us enough hours to take care of all the clutter and stop freaking about COVID19.

So, get rid of the mess in your house, dust the baseboards and vacuum, throw away the broken furniture, donate your old clothes, improve the living environment, fix cracks on doors, and buy enough home cleaning supplies.  

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends daily disinfection of lights, knobs, switches, mobiles, keyboards, kitchen, desks, faucets, toilets, and sinks to prevent the spread of infection. Best products to kill germs according to experts are bleach, hydrogen peroxide, and alcohol. Don’t forget to handwash!

Stay clean, stay safe!

5. Relax your mind and body

Are you living alone in your home? Are you obsessively seeking out all the latest updates about the virus on news channels, podcasts, articles, and blogs? Then chances are high that you’re going to freak out with lockdown adding to your misery.

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