The Food Craving Guide: What You Think You Want But What Your Body Actually Needs

The Food Craving Guide: What You Think You Want But What Your Body Actually Needs

It comes out of nowhere. When you least expect it. You’re minding your own business and suddenly it strikes! The food craving! It’s an intense, unshakeable feeling that grips you and strips you off any willpower.

Most of us crave for a certain type of food depending on our mood and it can be so strong that most of the time we simply cave in. I know I have almost every single time.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf

Yes, it feels great when I stuff my face with scrumptious chocolate cakes and delectable pastries and satiate my sweet tooth. But then comes the guilt and shame. Regardless of how hard I try, eventually I give into my cravings and start binge eating until my heart is satisfied. But why?

Why do we crave the sweetest, saltiest, fattiest, high caloric food? Is it simply a spur of the moment thing? Is it due to mood swings and depression? Or is due to the type of nutrition our bodies actually need?

Instead of expressing our thoughts and emotions in a healthy manner, we shut them down by stuffing our mouths which our minds and bodies confuse as satisfying, fulfilling and comforting. Science confirms that we delve into binge eating when we are unable to express our emotions and thoughts easily or find it hard to deal with them. The less we are able to express our emotions, the unhealthy our minds, bodies and hearts become and the more food we crave.

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What cravings actually mean

“Good food is the basis of true happiness.” – Auguste Escoffier

Whether you crave sugary or salty food, these are not always related to weak willpower or lack of self-control. Our gut instincts often tells us when something is wrong. However, we often tend to misinterpret the messages our instincts send us. When we are experiencing mood swings or uncontrollable emotions, we need to pause and look deeper. Most of the time our mood corresponds something going wrong at the physical level.

Our minds and bodies are perfectly synchronized and it gives us constant feedback. A physical problem can give us a hint about an emotional or mental phenomenon and vice versa. Even the most negligible change in our physical health can reveal a lot about what’s wrong with our mind, heart or soul. Food craving can be normal sometimes. But if you find yourself craving the same type of food for a long time, then it can be a warning sign for the lack of nutrition in your diet.

Our body is a complicated system of signals and balances which help it to function effectively. Craving for certain foods is one of the many ways our physical body signals us for it’s requirements and asks us to fulfill that need. Cravings are often a result of hormonal imbalances, lack of specific nutrients, lifestyle changes and behaviors. What you need to understand is what exactly your body is asking for. Once you know what it needs, then you can provide it.

Let your cravings guide you

“A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.” – Barbara Johnson

Cravings for food provide a deeper look at our inner workings. By decoding the true meanings for your sudden cravings, you will know what is actually affecting you from inside.

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Here we are going to take a closer look at what each type of food craving means and what you really need to eat.

Not only will you gain a better understanding of the nutrient-rich, healthy foods you need to eat instead of unhealthy, junk food, you will also be able to improve your mental, emotional and spiritual well being by improving your physical health. Check it out below:

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