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hobby ideas for men

Do you have any hobbies? Something you are truly passionate about? Hobbies are an excellent way to enjoy your life beyond your work, family and home. Hobbies add passion to life.

What do you do when you come back from work?
How do you use your leisure time?
If you are like most men, then you probably sit on your couch, watch TV or play video games. But how does that help you live better?

We need to live a life that is full of passion. A life where we create new memories and experiences. Of course, you have limited free time, and that is why it is even more crucial that you use it to learn a new skill, build your confidence, boost your self-esteem, make yourself happier and build a better life for your family.


Hobbies for men make life more wholesome and meaningful than Netflix, Instagram or a pack of beers. The daily grind can often make us feel empty and frustrated. Pursuing our passions can enable us to fill that void and find our mojo once again.

Hobbies can help you strengthen different aspects of your life. “They can bring you joy, increase your eye for detail, keep your mind sharp, expand your creativity, help you meet friends, and teach you valuable skills. In short, hobbies add interest to your life and help you become a more well-rounded man,” explains the Art Of Manliness.

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Here are 60+ amazing hobbies for men to help you pursue an interest.

If you are wondering what new skills you should learn or what hobbies should engage in, then stop worrying. Here is the most comprehensive list of hobbies for men that will help you find your passion and live a better, more purposeful life. 

Check it out.

1. Reading

Reading is one of the most manliest hobbies out there that you can pursue. Let’s face it, reading is not everyone’s cup of tea. Only the manliest, classiest, and literate dudes read. Some of the greatest men in history like Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt were avid readers. Reading enables you to pursue the favorite hobby of great philosophers and writers in history. It helps you explore new ideas, increases your knowledge and makes you a more intelligent and versatile man.

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Reading changes your life

2. Boxing And Martial Arts 

In my personal opinion, all men should know how to defend themselves and protect their loved ones. But learning self-defence is a lot more important than that. It teaches us dedication, discipline, perseverance, strategy and skill. Self-defence techniques like Boxing, Karate, Krav Maga, Kickboxing, MMA or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu not only teaches men how to fight, but it teaches them valuable life skills.

The Art Of Manliness adds “There are myriad benefits to learning a martial art: gaining self-defence skills, building your discipline and focus, increasing your health, connecting with a manly tradition, and giving the warrior side of yourself an outlet.”

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3. Survival Prepping For Emergencies

This is one of the hobbies for men that everyone should consider. With the current situation, we are experiencing in the world, survival planning and prepping make a lot more sense now than ever. Whether you are worried about accidents, break-ins, home invasions, natural disasters, riots, economic and societal decline, or a global pandemic, prepping can help you ensure long-term survival for you and your family.

According to Ideapod, if you are concerned about Doomsday, then survival prepping is the best manly hobby for you. It adds “Well, the end of the world might not be drawing near yet but this skill can be used as preparation for natural disasters. Think about the hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, or riots.

4. Backpacking, Camping & Hiking

Going backpacking or hiking is one of the most soothing ways to get out of your comfort zone and experience life in nature. Spending time in the wilderness not only helps us be mentally and physically tougher as men, it also helps us to calm our anxieties and heal our soul. When you get out and spend time in the great outdoors with minimal supplies, you learn how to survive in nature while your heart is filled with adventure. 

Spending a few days in nature and camping with your friends, family or just by yourself is one of the perfect hobbies for men. Fitness and health expert Efrain writesNo matter how short/long you live with just the supplies you can carry, you’ll definitely be experiencing something new.”

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trouble sleeping

5. Car Restoration

If you are looking for a passion project then what can be better than restoring your old car? Automobile restoration is a genuine hobby and is gaining more traction among men. Taking a beat-up pile of metal and turning it into a shining, powerful restoration car is something you can be proud of,” explains Gentleman’s Gazette. Of course, it requires some financial investment and learning about the intricacies of automobiles, but it can give you something to work on for a long time, learn new skills and get a fully restored car that you can be really proud of.

Author Tom Shaw writesWe can aim high or go low. For those preferring to operate in the heights, restoring your muscle car demands flying at a mental and mechanical altitude that, just a few years ago, was inaccessible to mortal man. If you are one who soars way up there with the high achievers, the world owes you at least a pat on the back.” Hobbies for men don’t get manlier than this.

6. Cooking

Each and every man must know how to cook. It’s more of a requirement than a hobby. Whether you learn to put a sandwich together or craft a Michelin star worthy meal, cooking is perhaps the most satisfying personal interest to pursue. What’s more is that women absolutely love men who can cook. But there are practical benefits to learning cooking as well. It makes you a lot more independent and it saves money as you don’t have to order out or go out to eat as often. But most of all, it helps you stay healthy.

Moreover, learning to cook can also help you strengthen your relationship as well. According to an article in FashionBeans, “a survey conducted last year found that couples who cook together also stay together. Eighty-seven per cent of people surveyed said cooking together strengthens a relationship, while 88 per cent of people in a relationship said cooking helped communication.”

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7. Photography

Taking up photography as a passion will not only enable you to express yourself through beautiful images, it will also enable you to capture various special moments of life. Whether you use a professional camera or just your smartphone, photography can be one of the most enjoyable hobbies for men. You can learn about the intricacies of photography like understanding about cameras, lenses, composition, aperture, ISO, shutter speed, lighting and editing and have a great time. Although it can take some time and practice to become an expert, with dedication you can surely become a master photographer.

With digital cameras and digital editing software becoming cheaper, photography as a hobby is more popular and accessible than ever. One benefit of photography as a hobby is that you can combine other interests with it,” according to the Art Of Manliness.

8. Learn A New Language

Learning a new language is not just one of the most engaging hobbies for men, but it is also very exciting. Not only will you learn about other cultures, it will also help you communicate better when you travel for business or for leisure. If you have the dedication to become a polyglot, someone who speaks several languages, then you can even choose to become a tutor or a translator for important people.

Thinking In A Foreign Language

The Art Of Manliness states “Learning a foreign language can be pretty difficult, but when you really think about it, the ability to speak two entirely different languages is pretty dang cool. The key is to continually practice or you’ll never get better and retain what you’ve learned.

9. Meditation

Meditation can be a great hobby for you to pick up as a man. As most of us men go through a lot of stress during the day as we overcome one challenge after another, meditation can help us learn how to alleviate that stress, relax ourselves and stay calm even in a difficult situation. Ideapod explains “When you know how to properly meditate, you will have more energy, more stamina, and better awareness.” By practicing mindfulness meditation regularly, you will be able to experience inner peace, happiness and a solid presence of mind.

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10. Gardening

Backyard farming or gardening may take a lot of effort, but it can offer numerous benefits as well. Apart from improving the aesthetics of your house, it can also help you reduce the cost of buying food as you can grow different fruits and vegetables in your own backyard. You can even choose to sell your produce and make some extra money.

If you have a job that keeps you cooped up in an office all day with artificial light and stale recycled air, gardening is a great hobby to pursue in order to get some exercise, sunlight, and fresh air. As you watch your garden grow from seeds to plants, you’ll find yourself becoming more in tune with the seasons,” adds the Art Of Manliness.

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Want more?
That’s great!

Here are some more amazing and cool manly ideas on hobbies for men. Take a look.

1. Off-roading is the activity of driving and navigating a vehicle on uneven and unsurfaced roads like rocky and muddy terrain.

2. Snowboarding and Skiing are super fun hobbies that can be challenging and a great workout.

3. Fencing is a popular sport that you can try. It’s an ancient form of sword fighting using thin steel swords.

4. Motorcycling is another option that is a must for every list of hobbies for men. It is challenging, liberating and adventurous.

5. Horseback riding is a unique sport that makes you get in touch with nature by guiding a majestic animal.

6. Running is perhaps the simplest, easiest and most accessible manly hobby. All you need is a pair of running shoes and get started immediately. The road is open 24/7.

7. Ever wanted to act on stage? Theatre acting helps you experience the thrill and satisfaction of performing before a large crowd. 

8. Stoneworking is another cool yet ancient skill to learn. It is the art of carving and shaping rocks and stones using hand tools to create something beautiful.

9. Blogging is one of the most popular hobbies for men. Write down your thoughts and views and share it online for the world to explore.

10. Podcasting is also getting very popular these days. Think of it like your own online radio show.

11. Ever thought of trying archery? The bow and arrow are one of the most ancient weapons humans used to hunt. It’s time to try your hands on it.

12. Looking for a leisurely hobby? Then try golf. Golfing is simple, relaxing and satisfying.

13. Take part in social work and help out your community. Volunteering is perhaps the most compassionate manly hobby to have.

14. Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting game and recreational activity using Global Positioning System (GPS) devices.

15. Practicing Yoga can be highly beneficial mentally, physically and spiritually. Yoga is an ancient technique practiced by men and women alike.

16. Become an online movie reviewer. If you love watching movies and understand the technical aspects of filmmaking, then this one’s for you.

17. Rock climbing and mountaineering are great hobbies for men who are more into adventure. These are challenging sports that require mental resilience, emotional strength and physical prowess.

18. If you are an animal lover then volunteering in animal shelters and rescuing animals are the perfect hobbies for you to pursue.

19. Swimming is an all-time popular hobby for men to enjoy exercising and relaxing. Just getting into the water can make you feel better.

20. Astronomy is a good manly hobby if you enjoy looking into the night sky or learning about the universe, planets, stars and galaxies.

21. Journaling is men who want to start with personal development and express their inner thoughts and emotions.

22. If you want to be socially popular, learn magic. Magic tricks and card tricks are great things to learn as it will allow you to impress people and make new friends instantly.

23. Learning Origami is simple. All you need is some pieces of paper. This is a unique and satisfying skill that all men can learn.

24. If you love spending time in nature, then bird watching is something you should try. You will learn to appreciate nature more and learn about different species of birds.

25. Bowling is a popular sport that most men enjoy. If you are looking for hobbies for men, then this is a good place to start. It is a fun hobby for the whole family.

26. Painting and illustrating will help you express yourself and alleviate stress. You don’t need to be an expert. You just need to paint whatever you feel like sharing with the world.

27. Poker is a highly popular card game that can not only help you make some new friends, but also earn some additional money.

28. Like painting, sculpting is another popular form of art that allows you to express your creativity. It is an ancient form of creating sculptures from stones and earth.

29. Want to improve your memory and cognitive skills? Then playing chess is the best hobby for you. It is a challenging mental sport that will boost your intelligence.

30. Is your day job making you unhealthy? Then weight lifting can be a great hobby for you to pursue. You can hit the gym early in the morning or after work to completely change your body and your lifestyle.

31. If you are a gun enthusiast, then marksmanship or shooting can be a great hobby. Simply head on to your nearest shooting range and engage in the controlled practice of shooting. What can be more manly than this?

32. Beekeeping is a unique, profitable and fun hobby to pursue for all men.

33. One of the classic hobbies for men is coin collecting. Not only you will learn and appreciate history, this can be a rather lucrative hobby to pursue.

34. If you are looking for a way to get some physical exercise and relieve stress without being too hardcore, then Tai Chi is the perfect technique for you to master.

35. Another exciting hobby for all animal-loving men is dog training. Spend some more time with man’s best friend and teach them to do a lot more. And maybe you will be able to teach an old dog new tricks after all.

36. Graffiti Art is also one of the most exciting hobbies for men to pursue, especially for those who are into creativity and art.

37. Ever wanted to make a movie? Them filmmaking can be great for you. With digital cameras and editing software becoming cheaper by the day, you can easily make some short films and post them on YouTube or go to a short film event.

38. Learning to play the guitar is a pretty manly thing to do. It can be a great source of enjoyment and women love a man who can play the guitar. 

39. Do you sing in the shower? Then singing is a great hobby for you to start. Singing not only improves your mood but is also an effective stress reliever and improves sleep.

Singing Reduces Feelings of Depression and Anxiety

40. Fishkeeping is an interesting hobby that became really popular during the 1950s. You can easily get a fishbowl with a goldfish or you can choose a bigger aquarium with exotic fish.

41. Start an online class. If you ever wanted to learn something new, then this digital age is the best time to get started. Online learning platforms like EdX and Coursera offer a variety of online classes on a wide range of subjects.

42. If you are more into physical challenges, then participating in obstacle courses and adventure races might be one of the hobbies for men you can try. Obstacle races are super fun and thrilling, plus it makes you a lot fitter and physically active. This is the reason why American Ninja Warrior is so popular.

43. Learning to be a blacksmith is also a cool thing to try. It is the ancient technique of forging metal into useful items.

44. Public speaking is the most helpful and useful skill you can learn. It will help you be a better presenter and share your ideas with everyone.

45. Gadget reviewer is a fun thing to do as you get to explore and play with the latest tech and devices and rate the best ones.

46. Woodworking is another fun hobby that allows you to carve and shape wood into useful items.

47. You can also start home brewing and make your own beer at home.

48. Graphic designing is another exciting skill to learn that can help you create art digitally.

49. Lock picking is an interesting and unique skill you can learn that includes a sense of thrill, challenge and adventure.

50. Tattooing is a good way to express your creativity and make beautiful permanent art on someone’s body.

51. No list of manly hobbies can ever be complete without fishing. If you find traditional fishing with a line too tedious, then you can try out spear-fishing

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Live Life To The Fullest

There you have it! 

The ultimate list of hobbies for men that make you feel manly and add passion and zest to your life. Instead of wasting anymore time in front of the TV, it’s time you get up and live your best life. Cause that’s what men do. 

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