Life Sucks? Why It’s Time to Stop Blaming Your Parents


Life Sucks Why It’s Time to Stop Blaming Your Parents

Life Sucks? Why It’s Time to Stop Blaming Your Parents

I’ve got the perfect excuse for all of you right now.

Blame it on your parents. It’s really that simple. If your life sucks, blame it on mom, blame it on dad, blame it on your grandparents, blame it on the bully that teased you when you were a kid.

Blame it on the kid that didn’t want to play with you in the schoolyard. Blame it on the traumatic event that you had when you were a kid.

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Just blame it all on your past. Because in reality, that’s where it truly is: the past.

Your personality has been formed by the time you were seven years old. Your subconscious programming has been formed by the time you’re seven years old as well. The rest of your life, you’re basically fighting the programming that your old mom, your old dad, grandparents, uncles, nieces, and nephews gave you.

That teasing that went down in first grade, yeah, that’s still affecting you right now. That’s the reason why you can’t meet people. Plain and simple. What we experience in the first seven years of our lives moves us forward throughout the rest of our life. Now when you know that and when you understand that.

That’s when the real growth can start to happen. You don’t have to continue blaming your parents

You don’t have to continue to feel sorry for yourself and the plot you were given in life.

What you can do is you can make changes right now. You can realize that you possess the power to move forward in life.

You possess the power to make these changes, but it’s not going to happen instantly. Your programming is your programming. But when you’re aware of your programming, you’re aware that it’s just programming, then you can actually start to reprogram your subconscious mind.

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But it’s going to take work.

It’s going to take effort.

And it’s going to take a daily dose of reality every single day to make this happen.

That’s what a lot of people don’t understand. They don’t understand how deep that programming is. They don’t understand how deep all their impulses are and how quickly all your impulses and your programming can send you on a much different path.

But when you finally become enlightened, you finally realize that you’re battling demons from your parents back when you were fucking zero to seven. Even before that.
Even before — even when you were in the womb, as you were growing in the womb, you were hearing things on the outside world.

When you were zero years old and your parents might’ve thrown you in another room all by yourself and you just sat there in fear going:

“Where am I?”
“What’s all this stuff going on?”
“Who is this going on?”
“Where is this going on?”
“Where am I???”

Watch out this interesting video on how did parents mess you up:

It’s all about your upbringing. If you were touched enough. If you were loved enough. If you were held enough. If you were nurtured enough. Where you were fed. All of this made you YOU by the time you were seven years old.

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Once you know this, some of these negative thoughts that come through, some of the stuff that you battle over and over again, you can say to yourself, this is not me. And then you can formulate who you truly want to be. Oh, it’s going to take work. It’s going to take therapy. It’s going to take coaching. It’s going to take the reading. It’s going to take action. It’s going to take work. There’s no miracle course that’s going to get you there. The more you study, the more you learn, the more aware you become.

The more aware you become, the more conscious you become as a human being. And you can start to have human experiences that are uniquely your own from this point forward. That’s it. Think about that.

Still Blaming Your Parents or ready to move forward? Let start the conversation in comments.

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